Show Off Your Creativity With DôyenWorld’s DôyenDog and DôyenCat

PetGuide Staff
by PetGuide Staff
Decor or dog toy? It’s hard to tell with these super cool interactive dog and cat toys by DôyenWorld that debut at SuperZoo.

DôyenWorld has introduced the new DôyenCat and DôyenDog toys–they’re like old-school weeble wobbles, and they don’t fall down either! Perfect to entertain your cat or dog as they constantly right themselves back up, playfully taunting your pet to try again.

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They are also treat dispensers! They have a dispenser at the bottom of the toy, and you can put small treats or even catnip and/or anise treats to keep your pet entertained and motivated for hours. In essence, perfect for mischievous puppies who are constantly looking for something to do, and for older pets to help keep them stimulated and engaged.

The reality is that pet parents spend a ton of money on toys that either aren’t interesting to pets, or get decimated by super chewers who just can’t be bothered. The treats are motivating, and the catnip/anise keeps your pet happy even well after the treats are gone. The adorable ears and face on the Dôyens are sure to entice your pet into engagement, and we love that you can get one of their ‘Express Yourself’ series that you can design and color yourself! They recommend using only non-toxic media for doing so, of course, but the possibilities are endless for fun and creative treat toys that the whole family can enjoy!

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Check them out! We’re pretty sure your pets will think you are the if you do!

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PetGuide Staff

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