Subaru’s Famous “Barkleys” Family Introduces Its New Ascent SUV

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
The furry stars of Subaru commercials are helping debut Subaru’s all-new 3-Row Ascent, and they’re really ‘driving’ their point home!

Subuaru commercials are some of my faves! I love ‘The Barkleys’, the all-dog family introduced in the cutest campaign ever in 2013. The four-legged family members showcase Subaru’s products, just like your typical human family would, only with a lot more fur and fun!

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So it’s sensible for them to drive Subaru’s all-new 3-Row Ascent at its world debut in Los Angeles. The Barkleys ‘drove’ the SUV on stage at the Los Angeles Auto Show With Dogs Behind The Wheel, and stole our hearts as they showed off Subaru’s newest commitment to pets and families having fun together.

The crowd was surprised with the family appearance, and the dogs couldn’t contain their excitement at greeting COO and President of Subaru of America Tom Doll, as they left the car and joined him for some super-cute pictures.

Subaru knows its market, as more than half of its drivers are pet owners; over 48% own at least one dog. Subaru has for years supported pet-focused groups, and never forgoes the opportunity to share how pets make the lives of humans better. They’ve used the Barkleys in various commercial campaigns, typically showing a family of four.

Which is why the surprise visit from the Barkleys this time was so much fun–eight passengers can now fit in Subaru’s largest car, with its three rows and second-row captain’s chairs! Doll said the Subaru Ascent was specifically designed for adventurous families, and so they had no choice but to ask their most adorable and adventurous four-legged family to help debut the Ascent.

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The Ascent will be built at the Subaru of Indiana, and will be sold in North America exclusively beginning in 2018.

Unless you’re the cutest dog family ever. Then you get to ‘drive’ it anytime you want!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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