SuperZoo 2018: Petrics Smart Bed Ecosystem

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
SuperZoo is the place to be if you want to know what the latest and greatest in pet products are – check out the world’s first smart pet bed.

Petrics, Inc. is a pet health technology company that debuted a pretty sweet bed here at SuperZoo. The Smart Pet Bed is part of Petrics’s smart existing smart pet ecosystem, which also includes an Activity Tracker and Pet Health and Nutrition App. It’s in the New Products Showcase and we have to say it’s level awesome in the cool factor.

Petrics CEO Ed Hall said their company is on a mission to reinvent how pet parents care for their pets, and their new Smart Bed is the first step in the pet industry toward that goal. They introduced the Pet ecosystem at the Consumer Electronics Show in January and Hall said the response was overwhelming.

The Smart Pet Bed, Activity Tracker and Health and Nutrition App will help pet owners and their veterinarians have access not only to nutritional but behavioral health data that lets them better care for their pets.

Hall says that as pet obesity has become a U.S. epidemic in dogs and cats, and their ecosystem will let owners track activity and weight fluctuations, with the intent of helping pet parents to understand their pet’s overall health level better. Vets will also be able to better help their patients as they have access to the system’s data collection as well. This will help them understand if their treatment plans are successful.

The Petrics Smart Bed can track the weight, rest and activity level of pets, and gives climate control too so pet parents can make sure that their weight and temperatures are optimal for their breeds, ages and health conditions. It has a built-in scale and is the first pet bed to offer thermostatic cooling and heating that owners can adjust either automatically or manually. This means that your Siberian Husky living in Georgia won’t be sweating miserably during the dog days of summer because his bed will keep him the perfect temperature. The Health and Nutrition App allows humans to adjust the bed, and popular smart home equipment is also compatible. The bed is available in three sizes for cats and dogs and has a washable and replaceable cover, and will be available later this year.

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The Petrics Activity Tracker is a waterproof, wearable tracker that keeps track of your pet’s activity and rest levels, as well as other health metrics that will let you identify the perfect diet based on their activity level and caloric intake. It syncs with smartphones and ha a four-month battery life so you don’t have to keep recharging it over and over. It will attach to the collar of a kitten to a Great Dane and works with the smart system of the Smart Bed, transferring the data to the Health and Nutrition App.

The Health and Nutrition App is like the control center for all the products, and lets pet parents monitor and track all the information the ecosystem pieces gather and then they can share the information with whoever needs it–family members, pet sitters, veterinarians and the like. It has a nutrition engine that offers healthy food options for cats and dogs, the first of its kind. Petrics likens the app to a digital personal pet care assistant, and we think it’s pretty much like living in the Jetson’s world.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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