SuperZoo Day 2 – Creative Styling Grooming Contest

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SuperZoo’s grooming contest has several different categories for everyone from rookie groomers to high rolling veteran groomers to enter, and the House is holding $45k in prizes! Categories for the week are: Regular breed class, Best Pet Stylist in Show, Best All-Around Pet Stylist, Best First-Time Competitor, The Rescue Rodeo Competition, the Tom McLaughlin Super Jackpot Contest and one of our faves–the Creative Styling Competition! Here are some highlights showcasing the amazing creativity and talent of some of the world’s best groomers!

A little before…A pup before getting all decked out for the creative portion of Superzoo 2017 Grooming contest

And after…
A moana inspired pooch is all decked out at the Superzoo grooming contest

…inspired of course by Moana and Islander delights! Brings Duckface to a, doesn’t it?

Superzoo grooming contest has spiderman looking large

Speaking of duckface…check out that stud on the other side–SpiderMan’s doppelganger! They say cats have nine lives, and that pooch obviously has a sixth (Spidey) sense!

A dog decorated as Finding Dory hit Superzoo's grooming contest

Forget about finding Dory. Finding Picasso shows the deep blue off–doggy style!

Dr. Who inspired grooming at superzoo 2017 is super cool

The Doctor is in! Dr. Who? Why Dr. Pooch, of course! Looks like Tardis was seeking out all the psychedelic colors (and found Cybermen on the other side of this pup!) Mission accomplished!

The killer whale dog groom was amazing at Superzoo 2017

This groomer wasn’t telling whale tales when talking about talent! I mean, look at that Orca on that dog! It’s like you’re in the ocean!

Superzoo 2017 Shark week contestant was bright and colorful

And it is shark week, after all, so in celebration, check out that pup’s other side!

Great North goes back to ancient ancestors at Superzoo 2017

Ancestral homage to dogs of the great north was paid by this pooch, and left spectators howling with admiration!

Jurassic Bark at SuperZoo 2017 grooming contest was full of vivid colors

Jurassic Bark clearly was far more outlandish than its bite! Doggy Dinos are the best!