The Solution For Boring Court Programming? Adorable Dog Reenactments! [Video]

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I’m a huge fan of political satirist and comedian John Oliver. His HBO show, Last Week Tonight, which airs Sunday nights, is the highlight of my week. And I was not disappointed last night, when he improved an uber-dull Supreme Court case with footage of cute dogs in judges’ robes

john-oliver-1The Supreme Court doesn’t allow cameras in the courtroom during judicial arguments, as they don’t want their words taken out of context. We are, however, treated to the audio segments, which in my opinion, are as entertaining as watching grass grow. But John Oliver has a brilliant solution – one he got from Keyboard Cat. And that’s replacing the judges with dogs and fake paws wearing judicial robes, with the audio playing during the performance. Just a few of the stars in this clip are Justice Antonin Scalia, played by a Bulldog, Douglas Laycock, a Sheepdog who is the Attorney for the Petitioner, and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as an adorable Chihuahua (complete with glasses).

The result is hilarious and not surprising, a lot easier to watch then a real court case. Watch the video below… I’m positive you’ll agree that you’d pay more attention to matters of great importance if dogs were cast in the role of an unwatchable, stodgy human.