Top 10 Best Dog Breeds For Apartments Part II

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
We couldn’t cover them all with our first list, so we’re bringing you another. Here’s part two of our top 10 best dog breeds for apartments and condos.

You’re yearning for a pooch but a reality check on your budget shows the house in the burbs with the white picket fence and big back yard isn’t in the cards just yet. No worries, there’s a dog to fit any size of living quarters and surprisingly a small square footage doesn’t necessarily mean a pint sized pooch. Here’s the second edition of our list of the Top 10 best dog breeds for apartments.

Greyhound: Believe it! While tall in stature, the Greyhound is a quiet boy who loves to just hang with his owners and has become hugely popular in North America where he is known to be a gentle family pet. Because of his history as a hunter and more recently a racer, you may think this sporty pooch will need more exercise than your Nikes can handle. But fear not; he is born for sprinting, not endurance and this means a daily walk should be sufficient to keep this lean and lanky dog calm, content and silent. (Photo credit: nathanclifford/Bigstock)

Havanese: We’re back to the little guys, but this one comes with a twist. The upside to this mini Cuban native is that he is smart, friendly and doesn’t tend to bark at strangers. Unfortunately, like many toy breed, the Havanese can prove difficult to housebreak and this means a handy leash and ideally an apartment on a lower floor in your building! A big “however” is that these bright boys can be trained to use the litter box and that will sure reduce any issues with housebreaking. (Photo credit: Dixi_/Bigstock)

Basenji: This smallish, perky pooch dates back thousands of years and hails from Africa where he was originally used for hunting small game by tracking and herding. While the Basenji has become a delightful, loyal family pet, he doesn’t really do well with non-canine pets because of his (ahem) hunting history. That said, his need to chase everything in sight means he is perfect for leashed city walks and because he is a non-barker, he makes it onto the list of best dog breeds for apartments. (Photo credit: yurikr/Bigstock)

Brussels Griffon: Also known as Griffon Belge or Griffon Bruxellois, the Brussels Griffon is highly distinctive and has what is often described as a great sense of humor! For fans of Star Wars, this intelligent breed with the wide-set eyes and scruffy appearance has lovingly been described as resembling an Ewok or Wookie. He’s spunkier than most breeds, takes himself quite seriously and requires very little outdoor exercise. Because he loves companionship over independence he’s great for close quarters! (Photo credit: Grisha Bruev/Bigstock)

Dachshund: With a nickname like “Weiner dog”, you just have to know this vertically challenged little pooch is entertainment on four legs. The Dachshund’s small stature and need to avoid stairs due to back stress mean that he’s a great fit for apartments or single-level homes. That said, small spaces mean you’re going to need to ensure he gets out for a regular walk; inactivity can result in excess weight and ultimately back problems. While a loving, friendly little breed, they do like to bark! (Photo credit: leungchopan/Bigstock)

French Bulldog: The lively little Frenchie is a bright and fun-loving dog but without the yappy nature typically found in small breeds. He does well with strangers, children and other animals and although he is highly alert, hallway traffic won’t set him off or make him act in a territorial manner. He was bred to be a companion animal and just loves hanging out with his pet parent meaning an apartment setting will suit him just fine. He can also be fairly active indoors so won’t miss not having a backyard. (Photo credit: Dmitry Kalinovsky/Bigstock)

Japanese Chin: This little guy is a favorite with Japanese nobility and is also the most “cat-like” of dog breeds when it comes to attitude, alertness and using his paws to wash and wipe his face. The Japanese Chin is known to be highly loyal to his owner, a great therapy dog when trained, and further reflecting his feline tendencies, a fan of resting in high places and of having a superior sense of balance. Typically quiet, this pint sized pooch can become yappy if he feels threatened. (Photo credit: dsve/Bigstock)

Lhasa Apso: This tiny Tibetan native once worked as a watchdog in palaces and monasteries so you just know he has a mind of his own and attitude galore. Today, the sturdy, independent Lhasa Apso is a companion pooch who is fiercely loyal to his pack, loves to be included in family activities and to sit on laps. That independent streak means he’s cool with being left on his own for short periods and rarely suffers from separation anxiety – a must for anyone looking for suitable dog breeds for apartments. He also needs little exercise to expend his nervous energy, just a short daily walk or playtime. (Photo credit: Christopher Boswell/Bigstock)

Shiba Inu: This ultra clean Japanese breed is absolutely fastidious when it comes to keeping his person well groomed – how great is that if you’re living in tight quarters? A playful, agile dog, the Shiba Inu was originally bred for hunting and is actually the smallest of the spitz breed. His pristine nature means pups are super easy to housebreak and when grown, they often like to lick their paws and legs – much like a cat. He barks little (which makes for good neighbors) and will develop a close bond with his family. (Photo credit: irontrybex/Bigstock)

Pekingese: Known as the “Lion Dog” because of his full mane and coloring, this native of China is an independent creature who can become a little obstinate when not properly trained. The Pekingese is definitely prone to being a one-person pooch and is extremely affectionate when it comes to this individual. A short nose means he’s a snorer, so bachelor apartments are probably not the ideal set up. While he does do well in a small spaces, regular walks are needed to ensure his weight is kept in check. (Photo credit: Dixi_/Bigstock)

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