Top 10 Dogs For First-Time Owners

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Ready to be a pet parent? Here’s out Top 10 dogs for first-time owners


You’ve finally decided to take the plunge and bring home a dog – congratulations! If this is your first time as a dog owner, there are breeds that are best suited for a noob. Remember that it is no easy task to bring a furry four legged friend into your life. There’s plenty of work involved and commitment needed. However, there is also a ton of love, heaps of fun, and an endless supply of companionship. It is a big deal to become a dog owner – but it shouldn’t be all that difficult if you pick the right pooch for your lifestyle and personality. We’ve created a Top 10 list of dogs for first time owners to help you get into that magical world with ease and some basic knowledge. That way you can create an inseparable bond with your pupper in no time whatsoever. (Photo credit: Khakimullin Aleksandr/Shutterstock)