Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
What makes a pup popular? There are many reasons why these dogs made it onto the Most Popular Dog Breeds list. Here are the top 10 breeds that the AKC named as very good dogs!

Show us someone who doesn’t love dogs and we’ll show you someone who doesn’t have a heart. These loving and lovely animals are beloved by humans everywhere. They remain the best of all possible pets (sorry cat-lovers, but you know it’s true!). Yet, there are so many different doggos out there. It can be hard to choose which one to bring into your home. Still, people do it every year by the millions. Dogs are everywhere and in all shapes and sizes. But which dogs are the most popular? Which breeds always find themselves at the head of the pack? We’re just as curious as you! So to uncover that answer, we’re going to rely on the American Kennel Club. No one would know better than them which pups are selling in record numbers.

Every year the good folks at the American Kennel Club (AKC) run a survey of dog registrations to determine which breeds rule our hearts. The data is gathered, tabulated, and out comes AKC’s listing of the Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds. Now we all know the Labrador Retriever has continued to top the charts for the past 26 years. That’s just a fact. The Lab is loved. However, what about those breeds who will be forever the bridesmaid and never the bride? Let’s take a look at those breeds that made the coveted Most Popular Dog Breeds list… but from the bottom up. These are the ten most popular dogs, other than the perpetual crowdpleaser: the Labrador Retriever. We’ll get to them. Just wait.

10. Boxer

Holding onto 10th spot for yet another year is this handsome boy with a mug that only a mother could love. Boxer are beloved, active, and enthusiastic family pets all across the globe. The boxer bonds quickly, has an affectionate personality, and just loves to be doted on. It’s impossible not to fall for one of these big and cuddly guys once they enter your home. Yet, he’s no couch potato either. The boxer needs to stay active and will keep his entire human family active as well. Plus, his intelligent and eager-to-please nature means that he’s easy to train when it comes time to tone down his exuberance. There are so many reasons to love Boxers, it’s no wonder that these pooches have found their way onto this list (and into our hearts) yet again! (Photo credit: techvisionary/Bigstock)

9. Yorkshire Terrier

Some times great things do come in tiny packages. Say hello to the Yorkie, a little pup with a huge heart. This spunky little dog with the big personality and a huge need to be the center of attention is a highly entertaining companion pooch and lap dog. Yorkies tend to slay hearts and take over homes. He is big on loyalty to his pet parent and quick to show mini disdain for strangers. While he loves to be toted, he is a terrier at heart which means squirrels and cats, can expect to be chased. He wouldn’t dare let another fury friend come near his humans and suck up any attention and you wouldn’t want him to either! (Photo credit: BigPumba/Bigstock)

8. Rottweiler

Once Rottwieler’s had a bad name and were misrepresented in the media. Thankfully, times have changed and wiser heads have prevailed. Now, it’s no surprise that the Rottweiler made it onto the most popular dog breeds list. This big beautiful boy is a loyal family member who loves to get out and hike, walk, or play. Yet, these big boys are also equally content to cuddle up with their owner on the sofa for a quiet evening in. His loyal nature makes him a superb watchdog and his intelligent, keen-to-please personality means that he is a pussy-cat when it comes to training. Don’t let appearances or reputation deceive. Rotweilers are as loyal and loving as doggos get. (Photo credit: KalypsoWorldPhotography/Bigstock)

7. Poodle

No dog lover would dare to poo-poo a Poodle! This super intelligent breed is highly trainable and was originally bred to retrieve waterfowl during hunting season. He loves water and all things related to play. Find a way to combine those two activities and you’ll have one happy pooch on your hands. His highly social nature means that he loves to be around family. He needs lots of activity to keep him mentally stimulated, but the love and cuddles he provides will always be worth the extra effort required by his humans. There’s a reason the Poodle always finds himself on this list! (Photo credit: Sally Dixon Creations/Bigstock)

6. French Bulldog

Coming in at this goofy little dog with the bat-ears is an adorable addition to any family. These lovable doggos get along well with kids and other pets alike. French Bulldogs are as friendly as puppers get! He loves spending time with his human pack and because he bonds quickly and closely to his pet parents, he tends to not do well when they leave him behind for any period of time. This is a dog for people who intend to keep their pet by their side at all times. Fortunately, French Bulldogs are so loyal and lovable, that’s an easy promise to keep. (Photo credit: Maggie1/Bigstock)

5. Beagle

There’s nothing quite like a Beagle. This active little guy is one outdoor loving pooch who thrives best when he’s getting out with his peeps! His gentle and easy-going nature makes him a great fit wherever he calls home, while a steadfast loyalty to his family (coupled with a protective nature) can make him a daunting watchdog with a vocal response to those he considers unwelcome. A perfect fit for any home! (Photo credit: Kostyazar/Bigstock)

4. English Bulldog

How could you ever say no to that face! With that iconic mug and stubby legs, no one can resist an English Bulldog. Who would dare?! In spite of his almost intimidating jowly look, this pooch is one of the most loving and patient dogs around. He adores nothing more than getting loads of hugs and snuggling up on the sofa beside you. This dog is built to love. He’s not a super active pooch either, so is the ideal choice for those in apartments or seniors. He’ll be every bit as lazy as you. (Photo credit: Lukashenko Studio/Bigstock)

3. Golden Retriever

What’s that?! A Goldie in third place?! Don’t worry, we still think this pup is golden even if he did only take the bronze on AKC’s top 10 list. This handsome boy is known for his obedience, playful personality, and people-pleasing nature. He thrives in a family environment where he can receive lots of attention and his love of anything “water” makes him a top choice of hunters for retrieving waterfowl. A home isn’t really a home until a Golden Retriever joins it! (Photo credit: NaMaKuKi/Bigstock)

2. German Shepherd Dog

This versatile working dog is unsurpassed when it comes to loyalty, courage, and intelligence. He’s a faithful boy whose loving disposition belies his dramatic good looks. It’s no wonder he’s a top pick when it comes to search and rescue, supporting the police or military, and for stepping into the role of assistance dog. This dog loves to work and will provide service where ever necessary (especially if that service involves loving a family!). (Photo credit: fotokate/Bigstock)

1. Labrador Retriever

Who else could it possibly be! This happens every year. It’s getting ridiculous. But what can you do? Labrador Retrievers are just that good. If you were to look up the definition of “Good Boy” in the dictionary, you’d see the lovable mug of a Lab staring right back at you. It’s how they do. This gentle boy continues to top the list as the most popular dog breed around. His docile nature, friendly personality and love of the great outdoors makes him the perfect dog for families, singles, seniors, those who love to hike and those who are differently-abled. He’s adaptable to any situation and highly loyal to those he loves. In other words, there’s no home that the Labrador retriever wouldn’t fit like a glove. (Photo credit: chalabala/Bigstock)

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