Tractive 3G-GPS Keeps Tabs On Your Pet In Real Time

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Losing your pet is terrifying. The Tractive, a 3G-based GPS tracker, will let you know where your dog is any and every time you want.

I have a puppy. I’m not going to lie. I fear that she is still not fully trained enough to listen to me when I call, and that one day? She’ll run away and be lost forever. My eleven-year-old Golden is trained, and I still have that fear. I think every pet parent has that, even if only in a little place in the back of their minds.

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Which is why I love this new gizmo–the Tractive GPS Pet Tracker. It is a little device that clips right onto the collar of your pet and lets you track her from your smartphone anytime you need. The tracking is real time, meaning that if your pet has run away, you know as she runs where she is.

The Tractive has a GPS chip that tracks, as do many products like this that are on the market. What’s unique, though, is that it has a 3G cellular connection–and it transmits coordinates back to humans as they change, for both iOS and Android users.

I also love the ‘safe zone’ feature of the Tractive. We know we can’t be with our pets at all times, so the Tractive lets us define a ‘safe zone’ for them. If Fido should mosey out of the safe zone for any reason, you’ll know immediately with an alert on your cell phone. The tracking spans a 24-hour-period if you need to know what happened prior to your pet’s disappearance, but most importantly? If the battery starts to run low, you’ll also get a notification to change the battery.

Tractive currently is partnered with local cellular phone providers across the world, which gives dramatic coverage extension. It is used in over 80 countries, and since it works on 3G networks, it can give fast and accurate information just about anywhere.

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It’s now been launched in the United States for the first time, and sells for $70. If you happened to have one of the first generation devices, Tractive will offer a 50% discount for anyone who’d like to upgrade to the 3G version. In order to maintain the tracking data, a monthly subscription fee of $5 is needed, but let’s be real… knowing where your baby is at all times is priceless.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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