Vote For Your Fave Makeover in Wahl’s Dirty Dog Before & After Conte

Morgan Sterling
by Morgan Sterling
Help rescue dogs find their furever homes! Make your vote count in Wahl’s Dirty Dog Before & After Contest, where shelters win big!

Wahl, Greater Good Foundation and The Animal Rescue Site have teamed up with pet shelters to change the lives of shelter dogs nationwide. The group heard about the sad statistic that 1/2 of shelter dogs don’t receive proper grooming and knew they needed to help solve this issue. As getting adopted often rests on their first impression, matted and dirty dogs are overlooked and seen as “damaged.” No pup should ever be looked at as “less than,” but s=for some this is a sad reality. A shelter’s lack of appropriate funding leaves doggie-baths on the budget chopping block, making animals sit in their badly taken care of coats.

Imagine going from this (a pup named Chulo who could not see due to his mangy coat):

To this, happy and thriving!

The biggest day of a rescue pet’s life is meeting their new family, who would want to experience that with a bad hair day? Imagine going to your wedding with knotty, filthy hair! Upping the chances of adoption and saving a pet’s life is just some shampoo, scissors, and lots of love away. Shelters are being provided grooming supplies at no cost by Wahl and associates, making pup makeovers a reality for deserving dogs! After wearing their past on their sleeve for too long, finally, these animals will get to become their loving, bouncy, healthy best selves. Thanks to dirty dogs, up to 20,000 animals will be given a second chance.

For Instance, look at Knots! He was rescued from a hoarding situation and went from walking carpet

to this handsome and happy man!

Watch the amazing video outlining some of the incredible puppy turnarounds thanks to this initiative:

The group has also put together a contest to give grants to deserving shelters. The extra cash will go to fund the shelters other needs, and help save more doggie lives. A gallery has been set up on their website featuring “before and afters” of the many dogs who have passed through shelter doors. The website also lets you search for the dogs that are still available for adoption, learn about their stories, and share them on social media! You can vote for your favorites and the shelters associated with the top 10 makeovers will be awarded!

Animals like Elvis will be competing. He went from being so terribly matted that he could not move…

to this! A handsome Hound Dog pictured here with a fellow Yorkie!

Can you believe that’s the same dog? Amazing!

“The Dirty Dogs Contest is a fun way to celebrate shelter dog transformations, but more importantly, it’s about raising awareness,” explains Noah Horton, director of GreaterGood. “Behind every dirty and scared shelter dog is a beautiful and loving animal. We hope to inspire people to volunteer their time grooming and bathing animals at their local shelter, or to donate much-needed money and supplies.” You can vote once per day until August 1 on their website or on Wahl’s Facebook page.

Morgan Sterling
Morgan Sterling

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