Watson the Golden Retriever Shows Off His “Trust Fall” [Video]

Morgan Sterling
by Morgan Sterling
This is way cuter than the famous team building exercise. This pup proves his trust for his owner, by literally falling for him!

Watson the golden is a dog waiting to jump into your open arms…or fall into them! The pup is a master at “Trust Falls,”a team building trust exercise in which someone falls backwards and another person catches them before they hit the ground. The key idea is to trust someone enough not to let you drop, as you can not see if they are holding out their arms behind you. Being one of the most trusting dogs out there, Watson proves just how much he trusts his owner in a unique way.


In this adorable video, Watson sits up and falls backwards into his owner’s arms after being asked to “trust fall.” Watson gives a huge smile after being caught, clearly enjoying this cute game. There is no hesitation in his fall, he just loves his human that much. The pup must be incredibly well trained to pull off this fun trick, we’re sure people everywhere will be inspired to learn it. Of course, Watson gets lots of pats and cuddles for a job well done, its so sweet! He even licks your face to show that he cares. It would be amazing to have a dog falling for you.

You can see more of Watson’s grand adventures on his Instagram account @wat.ki where he can be seen lounging with his other canine and feline friends.

Morgan Sterling
Morgan Sterling

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