Best Supplies for a Betta Fish Tank

Kate Barrington
by Kate Barrington

Known for their bright colors and long, flowing tails, betta fish are a great option if you’re looking for a way to break into the aquarium hobby.

Betta fish are one of the most popular species of aquarium fish, and for good reason. Not only are they relatively easy to care for, but they are some of the most stunning and brightly colored aquarium fish on the market.

Though betta fish are easy to care for, they do have certain requirements. You’ll need to maintain your betta tank at the right temperature and install equipment to help keep the water clean. You’ll also need a high-quality betta diet, supplies to condition the water, and decorations. In this article, we’ll cover the most important supplies needed for a betta tank and provide you with our top 10 picks.

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Best Supplies for Betta Fish Tanks

When shopping for betta tank supplies, it is important strike the right balance between value and quality. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to save money, but don’t skimp on the important things that have a direct impact on your betta fish. Buy the best supplies you can afford.

Here are our top picks for the best 10 supplies for betta tanks:

1. Whisper In-Tank Filter with BioScrubber

Keeping your betta’s tank clean and free from toxins is a high priority and this in-tank filter makes it easy. Available in five different sizes and affordably priced, this filter is the perfect choice for your betta tank.

2. FREESEA Aquarium Water Heater for Fish Tanks

Maintaining the proper tank temperature is essential for tropical fish like bettas. This submersible aquarium water heater for fish tanks from FREESEA helps keep the water temperature of your betta’s tank warm and cozy for their liking. An ideal temperature for a betta fish is about 78 degrees, but this water heater can go from 63 degrees to 96 degrees Fahrenheit. This heater also comes with a free diving thermometer so you can check the temperature of the tank at any time.

The FREESEA Aquarium Water Heater for Fish Tanks has an automatic temperature function so that it will constantly monitor and adjust to keep your set temperature correct. It has an automatic shut-off for increased safety as well. The water heater is 100% submersible and must be submerged in order to work properly. There are also various options available to you depending on your tank size, which range from 25 watts for a 1 to 5-gallon tank, 50 watts for a 5 to 15-gallon tank, and 100 watts for 15 to 25-gallon tank.

3. Marina Floating Thermometer

Even with an in-tank heater, you should keep an eye on the temperature in your betta tank. This thermometer features a suction cup attachment so you can stick it to the side of the tank for easy visibility.

4. Finnex Stingray LED Clip Light

Show off your betta in all of his colors with this clip-on tank light. It features LED lights which are ultra-bright and energy-efficient. You might be able to find a cheaper clip light, but this one will last a long time and offers different colors of light.

5. Smiful Submersible LED Aquarium Light

If you prefer more subtle lighting for your betta tank, try this submersible LED fixture. Stick it on the back of your tank or wherever you like and enjoy the bright colored LEDs, fully adjustable for your convenience.

6. BettaSafe Water Conditioner

Before you put your betta in his new tank, you need to make sure the water is safe. This water conditioner removed chlorine and heavy metals to make your tap water safe for aquarium fish. Just follow the instructions on the bottle.

7. API Stress Coat+


Being moved to a new tank can be stressful for betta fish, so consider using this Stress Coat treatment. It also removes chemicals and replaces the betta’s protective mucus coat which may have been damaged.

8. SunGrow Leaves Decorations

If you’re looking for decorations to give your betta tank a natural look, try these dried leaves. They provide shelter for your betta fish and release minerals that can be helpful. Plus, they are affordably priced in a convenient 10-pack.

9. Zoo Med Floating Betta Log

Another excellent choice in natural betta tank decorations is this floating log. It helps relieve boredom and provides a place for your betta fish to hide. It also has a feeding hole at the top so you can train your betta to eat on schedule.

10. Hikari Betta BioGold Pellets

This is a two pack of Hikaris #1 Betta fish food. It has a dispensing mechanism built into the packaging, so you don’t have to worry about pellets all over your floor. The size of these feeding pellets is just right. No double dipping for these and they are crunchy too! Many reviews mentioned how fun it is to listen to their Bettas munch on dinner. It is important to remember that these are dry pellets so they will expand in your fish’s stomach and could cause bloating if you overfeed them, so please read the label carefully as to how many pellets you should feed per day. The food also floats which is helpful for feeding time, while other pellets will just sink down to the bottom. This product has an 96% four star and over rating from verified Amazon customers. And not to brag but 86% of them were the full five stars. Go with the best, go with Hikari Betta BioGold Pellets to feed your Bettas.

Remember, buying the right supplies for your betta tank is only half of your job. You also need to install everything correctly and maintain your tank with the right parameters. If you’re new to the aquarium hobby, you may want to do a little research on your own to make sure you know what it takes to keep your betta fish happy and healthy.

What Supplies Do You Need for a Betta Tank?

The first thing you’ll need for a betta tank is, of course, the tank itself. Betta fish remain fairly small, so they can do well in a tank as small as 5 gallons with the right equipment. Once you’ve selected your betta tank, you can move on to purchasing the necessary supplies to keep it going.

Here are some of the most important supplies you’ll need:

  • Filter – Look for a filter that offers three-stage filtration – mechanical, chemical, and biological. This is important for removing wastes and toxins to keep your tank water clean and clear.
  • Heater – Betta fish come from a very warm climate, so you’ll need a heater in your tank to keep the temperature within the recommended range of 74°F to 82°
  • Lighting – Having a lighting system installed in your betta tank will help your betta look his best. If you have live plants, it also serves an important function in providing them with energy.
  • Conditioner – Some of the chemicals used to treat tap water are toxic for aquarium fish, so buy a water conditioner to treat your tap water before using it in your betta tank.
  • Decorations – Your betta may not care too much about what his tank looks like, but you can half fun decorating it! Be sure to include some live or fake plants and a place for your fish to hide.

Now that you have a better idea what it takes to keep and care for a betta fish, you’re ready to start shopping for supplies

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