Paludariums Have Room For More Than Just Fish

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If you are the kind of person who wants to have an aquarium, but be a little different, a paludarium might be just the thing you’re looking for. A paludarium is an aquarium that encompasses both aquatic and terrestrial aspects, and can house several types of animals. Fish, lizards, frogs, and insects can all be included in this set-up (providing the inhabitants all get along). It also offers the option to grow plants both submerged (under water) and immersed (above water).

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In terms of plants, a paludarium becomes quite beautiful when the flora is live. Aquatic plants that are allowed to grow up and out of the surface of the water will often take on a new appearance, and many even flower.  When having this kind of set-up, it is important to keep the humidity high with a tight fitting lid that will decrease the amount of evaporation. If the plants are primarily aquatic, the leaves must be kept in a moist environment so they do not dry out. If a portion of the paludarium is dry land, then terrestrial plants can be incorporated as well.

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Fauna in a paludrium can vary from small frogs, lizards, and salamanders to fish, or even insects. When adding living creatures into the paludarium, you need to fish consider the food chain. If one is a natural predator of another, don’t force them to become roommates. Often, a single larger fish, or a pair of fish, is sufficient; however, a small school of flashy fish can also be a welcome addition. If mixing species, ample research must be done in advance. Or, better yet, stick to one type of fauna per paludrium for the best results.

Depending on how you set it up, a paludarium can incorporate features not often seen in aquariums, such as water falls. Using a small pump and a rock scape, the water will trickle and flow down into the main aquatic area of the tank. The sound is peaceful, and many of the inhabitants will enjoy the feature as well.  As with any area designed to house living creatures, always be conscious of the temperature of the water, and make sure that it is suited to the inhabitants.  How much water flow and depth should also be considered when stocking.

Do you have a paludarium? What’s in your tank? Let me know in the comment section below.

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