Readers’ Picks: Top 12 Live Amano Shrimp Buys

Who knew that Amazon was a great place to buy live shrimp? From start to drop off, happy customers are reporting no casualties en route.

Known as the best algae eating shrimp in the hobby, Amano shrimp (also known as Yamato, Japanese or algae shrimp) have a translucent body with reddish brown spots. They were introduced into the aquarium hobby in the 1980s by legendary tank designer Takashi Amano, hence their name.

Amano shrimp originate from freshwater streams in Japan and Taiwan and are recommended for use in a well-planted tank to help control algae growth. And make sure that tank has a lid as these shrimp are climbers. While they mix well with other shrimp, introduce fish with caution as they’re likely to eat the algae shrimp.

Buyers ordering their Amano shrimp from Imperial Tropicals on Amazon can expect to receive a dozen shrimp 3/4-inch or larger in size, and reviewers claim to be getting a mix of male and female.

Imperial Tropicals Amano shrimp (Caridina multidentata) – 12 live, $39.99, Amazon

Other readers are going the cherry shrimp route. This pack of cherry or red shrimp should include 10 female and five male specimens of breeding age. Ranging in size from 1/2- to one-inch long, buyers should exercise caution when introducing these shrimp into freshwater tanks with fish, as their small size makes them a likely meal. Lower intensity lighting and dark substrate will make this crew of algae eaters reach deeper shades of red. These shrimp from Aquatic Arts come with an arrive alive guarantee, but be sure to research suitable tank mates if you want them to stay that way.

Aquatic Arts red cherry shrimp (Neocaridina davidi) breeder combo pack – 10 live female and five live males, $34.95, Amazon

This mineral-rich volcanic soil supports a neutral to mildly acidic pH in the water, which is ideal for most plant species and shrimp. The particle size allows baby shrimp to take refuge among the rocks and avoid predation.

Fluval plant and shrimp stratum 4.4-pound bag, $15.82, Amazon

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