Hilarious Pics of Pets Before And After They’re Complimented

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
It’s no secret that dogs not only are able to understand the nuances of different tones of voice, but research even shows they understand the words we say, too. People are blowing the internet up with hilarious pictures of their pets–before they are told, “Good boy/girl,” and after…and we are cracking up!

It started when reddit user ‘JavaRealllySucks’ posted a goofy picture of a dog before and after he’s called a good boy. The silly dog seemed thrilled to hear those words, and the internet exploded with others inspired to take similar pictures with their pets. We can’t vouch for the authenticity of some, ahem, but we sure can vouch for how adorable (and hilarious!) they are!

“Christmas is over…and I’m sooooo bored….Wait, wait!! Me? I’m a good boy???!!!”

Photo Credit: Inga Ko/BoredPanda

“Do not bother me. Oh, alright, thank you…yes, I am a good boy. Now, stick it.”

Photo Credit: Horty1388/reddit

“Are you talking to me? YES! You are! You are talking to ME!”

Photo Credit: Greta J/BoredPanda

There maaaayyy have been a bit of a ‘wardrobe change’ in these before and afters!

“Seriously. Why are you bothering to tell me what I already know? Of course I’m a good boy, you idiot.”

Okay. Okay. We just have to draw the line. We think this may have been photoshopped. Maybe…

Photo Credit: GalactucusTheGreat/reddit

“What do you mean we are out of kibble? Oh…You think I’m a good boy? Okay!! I am, I am!”

Photo Credit: CanineHelpYou

Our favorite. “I don’t want your stinkin’ good boy…give it to some dog that cares!”

Photo Credit: darezza/reddit

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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