Top 10 Dog Breeds in India

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Canines get their start in places all over the world. Let’s hop on a plane for a pawsome adventure, as we discover the top 10 dog breeds in India.

With temperatures that can range to over 113 degree Fahrenheit, India is no place for a big shaggy pooch to put down roots. But a big short-haired pooch is a different story. In fact India is home to many larger breed dogs that do quite comfortably in the heat. And it seems that with security an ongoing concern, a lot of families are opting for the peace of mind that comes in a furry, four-legged form. Let’s take a look at the top 10 dog breeds in India.

North-Indian/Rampur Greyhound

You’d never believe this gentle, people-loving pooch was originally bred to hunt lions, tigers and panthers! Today, this imposing but non-aggressive dog is popular for his ability to act as a guard dog and his ability to keep any intruder at bay. (Photo credit: wjarek/

Caravan Hound

Also known as a Mudhol Hound, this big beauty resembles an Afghan hound (minus the longer hair) and was originally bred for guard duty. Today, this very large dog is still daunting to strangers but a pussy-cat to those he loves. (Photo credit: Neil Trilokekar/Wikimedia)

Indian Pariah

This native of India is one hardy pooch who is highly tolerant of this country’s heat and often harsh conditions. He is typically found roaming the streets so is free to a loving home and as affectionate and loyal a pet as you could ever want. (Photo credit: ksl/


This dramatic-looking sighthound with the fine white coat is a native of Southern India and stands up to 30 inches at his shoulder. Though he was bred for hunting back in the day, today’s pooch is loyal and loving to his owner – not so much to strangers. (Photo credit: Sudeepjames/Wikimedia)

Indian Spitz

This mini security system is a Pomeranian look-alike and in spite of his thick coat, he thrives in the heat. Small size aside, he is a great watchdog who is known to greet all who approach with a sharp, high-pitched bark. (Photo credit: Utkarshsingh.1992/Wikimedia)


This easy-going, sighthound with the fine, silver-grey coat is a natch when it comes to running and catching small game. When he’s home, this beautiful pooch is a great family pet who loves to hang with his human pack but isn’t always a fan of strangers. (Photo credit: Richie2089/Wikimedia)


This lanky, dramatic looking pooch with a super long tail and speedy, double suspension gallop is actually a loyal, loving family pooch with a rather shy side. In spite of his being bred for the hunt, he is devoted to his family and a good companion pet. (Photo credit: Crkuberan/Wikimedia)

Gaddi Kutta

This big boy is a little bit mastiff and a little bit of a herder. While he was originally bred in the mountainous regions of North India for hunting, today he is often used to guard and herd sheep and has been known to fight off formidable foe such as snow leopards.


Also known as the Indian Bear Hound, this pooch hails from Southern India and was originally bred to hunt big game. A ridge of fur down his spine suggests some Thai Ridgeback lineage. These days he is considered an intelligent, keen-to-please family pet. (Photo credit: Hu12/Wikimedia)

Kashmir Sheepdog

Finishing off our dog breeds in India is the Kashmir Sheepdog. Bred several centuries back specifically to protect goats and sheep from wolves, this big furry dog is also known as the Bakharwal mastiff. With a look that somewhat resembles a large Saint Bernard, this pooch is considered affectionate, loyal and friendly.

Mary Simpson
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