Best Pairs of Pet Socks for Tender Tootsies

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Don’t you hate cold paws? Nothing is cuter than seeing your pooch wearing socks – especially when they’re as pawsome as these happy hound hosiery picks.

1. Shocked Socks
OMD! NO! Not on the dog paws!

Get yours at Famous Chihuahua.

2. Striped Socks
Stripes for style, paws for grips, these socks are a fashion statement!

PetSmart has your dog covered.

3. RC Pet Products Sneaker Socks
Your pup is the outdoorsy type right? That’s why these sneaker designed socks are perfect for their paws! These cute dog socks by RC Pet are made to look like your dog is wearing sneakers, so their atheleisure wear outfit is set for the day when they step out the door. They are made with 100% breathable and soft cotton so they are comfortable on your pups feet. They also have a strong grip bottom so that they can walk more easily on slippery floors like tile and hardwood. They can also be worn outdoors on nice days, but since they are made with cotton they aren’t waterproof- so make sure to avoid rainy days, puddles, or snow because they won’t protect from that.

The sneaker design from RC Pet Products comes in a variety of sizes and colors. You can get sizes ranging from XS to XL, and they come in black sneaker design or pink Mary Jane design.

4. Sock Monkey
The sock monkey is down with dog paws.

Run over to Amazon for yours.

5. Anti-Slip Socks
These are also great for older dogs who need some extra traction on any kind of surface, especially wood.

Get yours at Dog Quality.

6. sakasa Anti-Slip Dog Socks
These adorable dog-faced dog socks from sakasa are so cute that your pup won’t even want to take them off! They are waterproof, wear-resistant, and protective so your puppers can wear them both inside and outside. The skidproof grippy bottoms make it so that there is increased friction between your pet’s paw and the surface. They have unique grooves on the anti-slip matting which makes it even safer for them to use. That means they will be able to walk more easily both outside in icy conditions and inside on slippery floors.

The sakasa dog socks are made with soft-knitted cotton that is flexible and comfortable for your pooch. The elasticity will help form to your dog’s paw shape, making it even easier for them to get used to. The shoes also come with adjustable velcro so you can make sure the socks stay on (even if they try to take them off, which they might the first few times!).

7. Harfkoko Anti-Slip Pet Socks
These adorable pet socks will not only help keep your pup from slipping on the hardwood floors, but they will also help them from making noise on hard floors or injuring their nails and cuticles if they are prone to accidents. The superhero print shown here are perfect for your super adorable pup, but they also have several other prints such as Leopard Grain, Warm Heart, Blacky print, and Cute Bee. Each set comes with four socks for front and back paws.

The Harfkoko Anti-Slip Pet Socks are made with high-quality cotton so they are warm and comfortable for your puppers to wear. They have an anti-slip gel silicone print on the soles to provide extra traction and cushion. They also come in sizes from small all the way up to triple extra large so you can make sure any size pet is protected and kept warm. These dog socks are great for those that live in cold climates or for those who find their doggies are constantly slipping on the hard floors of their home.

8. Muttsoks
No one knows cold like the Canadians – that’s why we trust Muttsoks to keep paws toasty warm.

Available at Muttluks.

9. Gentlemen Socks
Socks that will make your dog look like he’s wearing four tiny little tuxedos on every paw – tres fancy!

Amazon has got you covered.

10. Bear Dog
Little dog socks with bears wearing suspenders. ‘Nuff said.

Famous Chihuahua has plenty to go around.
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