Top 10 Reasons Why Pitbulls Are Awesome!

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Lovable, affectionate, goofy, loyal – these are just a few of the awesome things that come standard with a Pitbull. Why stick with just one great reason when we can give you 10 reasons why Pitbulls are awesome.

Pitbulls have had a bum rap for the past few decades. In spite of research that proves otherwise, cities continue to introduce bans of this popular pooch out of fear and ignorance.

Recently, the American Veterinary Medicine Association shared the results of a controlled study of 30,000 dogs that ranked their skittishness, aggression and ability to differentiate between threatening and non-threatening humans. The study showed that while 83% of all dogs passed the test, Pitbulls showed an above-average temperament with a score of 86% – just below that of the Golden Retriever.

The United Kennel Club notes that the American Pitbull: “is not the best choice for a guard dog since they are extremely friendly, even with strangers. Aggressive behavior toward humans is uncharacteristic of the breed and highly undesirable.”

And while we’re at it… Pitbulls do not have “locking jaws” that make them lethal weapons. Their jaws are the same as any other breed of dog. In fact, a survey by National Geographic showed that the Pitbull actually exerts less bite-force than a German Shepherd Dog.

So there you have it… wonderful owners = wonderful dogs, which leads us to the top 10 reasons Pitbulls are awesome and make a great addition to any family. (Photo credit: Crystal Alba/

1. Love Bugs

These pooches with the great big smile are highly demonstrative and love to welcome you home with a wiggly butt and a big wet kiss. (Photo credit: Crystal Alba/

2. Easy-Peasy Maintenance

Short coats with the usual shedding means you don’t need to spend money at the groomers. Brushing two to three times a week keeps him looking his best and gives you some quality one-on-one time. (Photo credit: Sonsedska Yuliia/

3. Compact

They’re a medium sized dog who does well in smaller quarters as long as he gets some active playtime and a good walk each day. They don’t need a long, marathon walk to stay fit and happy. (Photo credit: Crystal Alba/

4. People-Pleasers

As the United Kennel Club said, these pooches are friendly and love to be with people. They can become a little enthusiastic in their “happy to meet you” greetings, but this you can address through training and socialization. (Photo credit: dogboxstudio/

5. Great with Kids

Pitbulls love being part of an active family and this includes playtime with the kids. He likes nothing better than catching and (hopefully) returning a ball or Frisbee thrown for him out in your yard or local dog park. (Photo credit: Barbara Sauder/

6. Healthy

This is a pretty healthy dog who may suffer from the normal dog ailments such as hip and joint issues as he gets older, but none of the debilitating or fatal health issues often found in other breeds. (Photo credit: Monica Click/

7. Loyal

This boy is loyal to his human pack for life. For a companion that wants nothing more than to be by your side – whether hiking on the trails or channel-surfing on the sofa – this is the boy for you. (Photo credit: HTWE/

8. Eager to Get Involved

Pitbulls thrive on giving back to their family and love to have a role to play. He follows instruction readily and is always willing to step up to the plate to keep you happy. (Photo credit: Irina Bg/

9. Goofball Personality

This silly pooch’s playful nature really comes out when he’s interacting with his human pack and vying for attention. His silly grin, lolling tongue and tenacious approach to having fun is contagious. (Photo credit: Victoria Rak/

10. Work Out Buddy

While he isn’t obsessive about exercise, this powerful pooch is only too happy to accompany you on any outing – whether a quick walk around the block or lengthy training for a marathon. (Photo credit: Grigorita Ko/

Mary Simpson
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