Top 6 Dog Breeds That Are Made in Canada

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Oh, Canada – we stand on guard for these dog breeds! Canada has given the world some of its most popular dog breeds, so let’s take the time to celebrate these eh-mazing pooches.

While Canada is famous for many exports including maple syrup, Justin Bieber and premium grade whisky, it’s also entitled to take full credit for some pretty impressive dog breeds. Yes, our land of snow and failing sports teams has developed some supremely awesome dog breeds that entitle Canucks from coast to coast to put down their double-doubles, stand up and take a bow. Now let’s take a better look at some of these awesome pooches, eh?

  1. Labrador Retriever

Yes, the most popular dog in North America is Canadian. This gentle water loving dog is the choice of hunters because of his thick double coat that allows him to dive into cold water and collect water fowl. But it’s his sweet nature, easygoing style and ability to pick up commands (and any food that drops on the floor) that makes him a wonderful pet and service dog.(photo credit: manushot/

2. Newfoundland

No surprise this big boy is an east-coaster. While his thick double-coat, webbed feet and love of swimming make him a natch for those icy water rescues, it’s his intelligence, strength, loyal nature and super chill disposition that make this super-hero dog a pooch we can all be proud to call Canadian. (photo credit: vizland/

3. Canadian Eskimo Dog

This handsome working dog is described as loyal, brave, alert and intelligent – which sounds an awful lot like a Mountie! But no, this pooch actually dates back well over 1,000 years and while his breed was originally used to pull carts and ultimately sleds in frozen climates, over the years he’s been replaced with the snowmobile and is now sadly, close to becoming extinct. (photo credit: Mila_Che/

4. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Okay, so any dog with the word “duck” in his name just has to be used for hunting and this handsome ginger is no exception. While his role is to toll or lure ducks into gunshot range and then retrieve them, this charming, eager-to-please pooch is the quintessential Canuck canine right down to his friendly, social nature. (photo credit: fotorince/

5. Labrador Husky

While you might be inclined to think this is a cross of two breeds, it’s not. This particular Husky hales from Canada’s east coast province of Labrador. He’s bigger than a Siberian and like all Husky breeds he has a thick double-coat that keeps him warm in sub-zero climates and makes him an ideal sled dog. While he may not be as quick as his Siberian counter-part, this pooch is built for endurance and is ideal for the long haul.(photo credit: A.Chernyavskaya/

6. Landseer

Although this gentle giant may appear to be the Newfoundland dog’s black and white doppelganger, he is in fact a breed unto himself. Like the Newfoundland he hales from Canada’s most easterly maritime province and shares ancestry with other mastiff-type dogs. Originally bred to haul in heavy fishing nets and perform water rescues, he is still highly active in his lifeguard role. The net pulling… not so much.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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