Lost Dog Rescued After Surviving Six Years Alone in the Woods

Nevena Nacic
by Nevena Nacic
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A senior dog found living in the woods in the U.K. has been rescued and is now looking for a loving home.

The dog, named Rose, was first spotted near Crawley Down in West Sussex, England. The Lost Dog Recovery UK South shared in a social media post that they’ve received a message from a concerned member of the public about a small black dog running in the road.

The person who saw the dog “stopped the traffic” and let the pooch disappear into the woods, knowing it’s best not to follow. After visiting the nearest property, the person learned that locals were familiar with the dog and that drivers often stopped by saying that the pooch had been on the road. The locals explained that the dog was a stray fed by people.

The individual who spotted the dog was troubled by the idea of a dog living in the woods and contacted the Lost Dog Recovery rescue organization with this information. 

Knowing that this could be a case of an “owned dog allowed to roam” the organization decided to investigate by setting out food for the pooch along with cameras to track its movements. The dog was caught on camera five times in two days and by the third day appeared to be waiting for meals.

The organization also talked with residents in the area about the dog and were told that the dog was a stray who lived locally for about ten years. The residents also said that the dog should be left alone because was in good condition, fed, and cared for. 

After talking about this situation with another household, which has been leaving food for wildlife and were allegedly responsible for the dog’s care, the rescue decided to help the dog. 

Over the following week, the organization established a feeding schedule and confirmed that the pooch was indeed a senior dog. They set a trap for the dog by serving a warm roast chicken and managed to catch her.

Understandably she was shocked and scared, but very gentle, and was taken immediately to the warmth and safety of kennels,” the organization shared.  

After taking her to the kennels, the organization made a shocking discovery - the dog was microchipped! Her name was Rose and she had gone missing from her owners less than 24 hours after they adopted her in 2017! 

A now 12-year-old Patterdale terrier, Rose, has gone missing from Ashurst Woods, located only six miles away from Crawley Down, where the organization found her. 

Unfortunately, there was no happy reunion for Rose. The organization managed to contact Rose’s registered owners, but they explained that they were in no position to take her back since their circumstances had changed dramatically and they had moved away. 

“After the initial shock, our absolute joy at finding a long-lost dog is tinged with sadness as there is no happy reunion for Rose; she never got the chance to know the love of her family,” the organization said in a post. 

They added that Rose is going to need time, patience, and rehabilitation, and being a senior dog she’ll likely need ongoing vet care and medication. Rose is going to be cared for by Last Chance Animal Rescue in Edenbridge, U.K. 

After sharing Rose’s story, the rescue received several inquiries about her from families willing to adopt her and give her a safe, warm, and loving home.

Please don’t leave a dog straying for longer than they have to be...not only for them and their wellbeing but also for the sake of humans who love them,” the organization added. 

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Nevena Nacic
Nevena Nacic

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