Brackish Water Fish

Drum Fish

With more than 250 species, drum fish exhibit a wide range of colors and patterns.


The Tigerfish is named for the vertical stripes that run all along its body.

Asian Cichlids

Asian cichlids can be found in Lebanon, Israel, Syria, Iran, India, and Sri Lanka.


Freshwater and brackish water halfbeak fish are a little less colorful than some marine species.


Flagfish are a small fish that are semi-aggressive in nature.


General description Also known as argus fish and spotted scats, scats are one of the most popular species of ...


General description Also referred to as Rope Fish, Dragon Fish and Snake Fish, reedfish are a curious species of ...

Ray Fish

General description Rays are a large group of fish closely related to sharks. They are characterized by their flat ...

Puffer Fish

Puffer fish are a curious species of brackish water fish.