Extra-Large Breeds

Cimarron Uruguayo

With a name like Cimarron Uruguayo, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that these dogs hail from Uruguay.

Golden Saint

Loyal, gentle, intelligent, and obedient, the Golden Saint is a perfect companion or working dog.

Great Golden Dane

With its regal appearance and affectionate personality, Great Golden Dane will charm you instantly.

American Mastiff

American Mastiffs may not be the easiest dogs to keep, but they are a calm and steady breed you’re sure to love.

Golden Newfie

The Golden Newfie brings together the sweet-natured Golden Retriever and the eager-to-please Newfoundland for a ...

Moscow Water Dog

Developed from familiar breeds like the Newfoundland and the Caucasian Shepherd Dog, the Moscow Water Dog is a rare ...

Irish Wolfoodle

The Irish Wolfoodle brings the gentle nature of the Irish Wolfhound together with the playful Standard Poodle.


The Malamoodle combines the intelligent poodle and the pack-oriented nature of the Alaskan Malamute.

Armenian Gampr

The Armenian Gampr is a big dog with a unique name – it is also unique in that it is a landrace breed.