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fast facts

About Weimapeake

60-90 lb
10-12 years
not applicable
Best Suited For
Singles, families with children and other pets, and those living in homes with yards
Calm, protective, playful, loyal, intelligent, and loving
Comparable Breeds
Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Weimaraner
21-27 inches
Weimapeake Basics

They may look like your typical Labrador Retriever at first, but the Weimapeake is a unique breed all its own.

This cross between a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and a Weimaraner has a natural retriever instinct and prey drive, but you can also expect that these attractive, large dogs will make great family pets who are loyal and protective of the humans they love.

Whether or not you hunt, the Weimapeake could be the ideal pet for your family, but to be absolutely sure that this designer dog breed will be the right fit, get the facts below.

The Weimapeake is a cross between a purebred Chesapeake Bay Retriever and Weimaraner.


The Weimapeake is a designer crossbreed from the United States.


The Weimapeake is a cross between a purebred Chesapeake Bay Retriever and Weimaraner.

Food / Diet

Weimapeakes thoroughly enjoy eating, so it is important to establish a strict feeding routine to prevent your dog from overeating.

You can feed your dog anywhere from 2 cups to 3.5 cups of high quality dry dog food daily, but split the amount up into at least two feedings per day.

If you want to give your dog some high quality canned food, simply adjust the amount of dry food that you feed so that your dog doesn’t end up consuming too much food and gaining unnecessary weight.

Weimapeakes make fantastic family pets.


You should expect that housetraining your Weimapeake could potentially take a couple of months, so persistence is key. With this breed, it is all about consistent and short training sessions, and every session should end on a positive note.

These dogs are really eager to please, and they are intelligent, so they will learn quickly. However, they can be stubborn. Establish yourself as the pack leader, and be gentle yet firm in order to make training your dog easier and to prevent your dog from becoming your boss. Once trained, this multi-talented pooch will make you proud.


A large-sized breed, the Weimapeake weighs between 60 and 90 pounds.

Temperament / Behavior

Weimapeakes make fantastic family pets. These dogs are extremely devoted, outwardly affectionate, and friendly, so they can get along with people of all ages, including children. If you have other pets, a well-socialized Weimapeake will get along with them too.

These loving, loyal dogs have a playful nature, and they are eager to work, as well as highly intelligent. Despite their willingness to be active, however, they are also calm. And although they are often a bit reserved when they are around strangers, they will not be afraid to come to your aid and protect you if you are ever threatened.

Weimapeakes prefer being around people, so they hate being alone. These dogs will display negative, destructive behaviors if they become bored, so be sure you have the time to cuddle with your dog, play with him, and let him exercise every day.

These dogs also enjoy digging, so if you let your Weimapeake into the yard, only do so under supervision to ensure he doesn’t ruin your flowerbeds or dig under your fence to escape.

Common Health Problems

As a hybrid breed, the Weimapeake could potentially inherit the diseases that its parents, the Weimaraner and Chesapeake Bay Retriever, are prone to. However, there is no way to predict an individual dog’s health, and he may never develop any of the common problems associated with his parents’ breeds.

Weimapeakes have the Weimaraner ear, which features a wide ear canal and a large opening, so it can become dirty quite easily. You should take extra care to ensure that water doesn’t become trapped within your dog’s ear canal when bathing or swimming, as that could result in infection.

Life Expectancy

The Weimapeake has an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years.

Exercise Requirements

Before adding a Weimapeake to your family, make sure you have the time to let your dog get plenty of exercise. These dogs should be walked at least two times daily.

As a sporting breed, the Weimapeake will also require regular sessions of off-leash exercise, so it is also helpful if you have a large enclosed yard in which your dog can run and play. However, if you don’t have a yard, spending time in a dog park could give your Weimapeake the space to run that he needs.

If you are unable to provide your dog with outlets for his high energy level, he could develop behavioral problems and negative behaviors.

Weimapeakes prefer being around people, so they hate being alone.

Recognized Clubs

The Weimapeake is not recognized by the American Kennel Club, as it is considered to be a hybrid breed. However, this breed is recognized by the Designer Breed Registry (DBR) and the International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR).


A Weimapeake’s coat is short but thick. Overall, your dog’s coat will require a minimal amount of attention, so a basic routine of washing and brushing your dog regularly will be sufficient to keep it clean and healthy. This breed is also a light shedder, so you also won’t have to worry too much about cleaning fur off your furniture.


Weimapeake puppies need to be socialized from a young age so that they can grow into confident, friendly adults. It’s also a good idea to start training your puppy as soon as possible for the best results and to develop a healthy relationship with your dog.

Photo credit: Rose L/Flickr

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