Small Cats

Chinchilla Cat

The Chinchilla cat could also be referred to as the Chinchilla Persian because this breed is actually a type of ...

Skookum Cat

The Skookum cat boasts a short stature, endearing personality, and curly fur.

Napoleon Cat

The Napoleon cat's name is a reference to Napoleon Bonaparte because of its short stature.


The Lambkin is considered one of the world’s rarest cat breeds, thanks to the fact that it is such a new breed.


The Bambino is one of several dwarf feline breeds that are also known as miniature cats.


The Dwelf is an interesting looking and hairless cat breed that's named for its elf-like features and dwarf-like stature.


The Gato is an exotic cat breed that has a combination of traits from a few different felines.

Domestic Medium Hair

Domestic Medium Hair cats are referred to as mutts because they are mixed breed felines.


Alert and personable, the Somali is an intelligent cat that loves life.


The Singapura is such a charming extrovert, playful in a nondestructive way, and delightfully curious.