Australian King Parrot

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About Australian King Parrot

17 inches
25 years
Bird Species
Green, Red, Purple, Orange
Quiet, Loud, Natural Calls, Mimics
Social, Fun, Friendly,Intelligent, Calm
Comparable Breeds
Rosella Parakeet, Red Winged Parrot
Australian King Parrot General Info

The Australian King Parrot is a popular pet in its homeland, and its popularity has been steadily rising all over the world. Thanks to their calm personality, great intelligence, and their unique, vibrant look, they are a sought-after breed. These large parrots have many fantastic qualities that make them desired in the pet market, and with their brightly colored plumage, they leave a lasting impression. Besides the need for a lot of space, these are easy to care for. With all these great traits and majestic looks, there’s no wonder they are called the “king” parrots.

Males and females are very different from one another, which ensures there won’t be any surprise babies- and offers variety, to boot.

Native Region/Natural Habitat

These parrots are found in a thin, long region on the eastern coast of Australia. It stretches almost from the tip to the bottom of this continent and includes parts of Queensland, Victoria, Sydney shore and Canberra. Besides the coastline, the habitat of Australian King Parrot includes dense forests, eucalyptus growth, savanna woodland and plateaus as high as 1600 meters. Luckily, their numbers in the wild are stable and not threatened, but the ongoing deforestation and loss of habitat may become a threat.

Overall Description

These magnificent parrots definitely deserve their name. Their size, colors, and physique certainly have a “royal” look. An adult Australian King Parrot reaches an average length of 17 inches (43 centimeters) and can weigh up to half a pound (250 grams). Their great size is partially taken up by their thick, broad tail which gives them a majestic and powerful appearance. The head is slightly smaller in comparison to the rest of the body, and they have distinct, small beaks. Keep in mind that males and females are very different- in terms of color, at least.

Speech and Sounds

A lot of exotic parrots from Australia and New Guinea are often noisy and impossible to keep in an apartment. The case is completely different from the Australian King Parrot. Even though they have a loud natural call, these noisy squawks and chirps are not heard very often. Moreover, a happy and healthy pet that isn’t neglected will tend to be quiet and calm. To boot, the Australian King Parrot can often learn a few simple words to repeat, but they aren’t really talking birds.


In Australia’s pet parrot market, which is often dominated by simply colored Cockatoos, a bird with a colorful plumage is a welcome sight. And the Australian King Parrot definitely fits that bill! With its exotic colors and bright contrasts, this bird definitely stands out. The males are mostly bright, orange-red. The wings are deep forest green, with a thin turquoise strip in the middle. The back is purple, getting darker on the tail feathers. The underside of the tail shows four mixed strips of purple and red. The females are mostly green, with lighter tones on the chest. The wings are striking bright green, and gradually getting stronger on the tail. Belly and thighs are orange. The underside of the tail shows a mix of red and green strips. With these magnificent details and rich exotic colors, we can say that these really are King parrots – kings of beauty and charm!

Once you see an Australian King Parrot, it will be difficult to resist their beauty. Such colors are rarely seen.

Care and Feeding

In the wild, these parrots have a very rich diet that is made up from various fruits, berries, nuts, flowers, seeds, insects and buds. To recreate this diet and offer your Australian King Parrot a balanced intake of proteins and nutrients, you should start with a small seed mix which contains the important canary, oats, safflower and hemp seeds. You should also include fruits such as apples, pears, bananas, and oranges, as well as some common nuts. A well-balanced diet will promote good health.

Health and Common Conditions

Thanks to their large size, these parrots are quite hardy and rarely get sick. One of the biggest needs Australian King Parrot has as a pet is space. Their overall size and broad, big tails will require a large and spacious cage or even better – an aviary. You should also offer several hours of free flight per day – outside of the cage and around the home. Their average lifespan is around 25 years, so with plenty of good care, you can count on your friend being with you for a long time.

Keep in mind that even though they are friendly birds, Australian King Parrot doesn’t like to be handled too much.

Personality & Behavior

The Australian King Parrot is considered to be a friendly and calm pet, especially if they are hand-raised. Docile and sociable, they make great companions, and they tend to create strong bonds with their owners as time passes. They are also quite fun and love to play with toys. You’ll be surprised at their intelligence, and their antics will put a smile on your face. In general, these birds might be somewhat rare in the market, but they do have all the traits of a wonderful pet parrot. The Australian King Parrot does well in an apartment (provided that there’s enough space), house, with families, seniors, and singles. Their versatility is just another great quality!

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