Border Fancy Canary

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic
fast facts

About Border Fancy Canary

up to 5.5 inches
10-15 years
Bird Species
Yellow, Yellow-white
Singing bird, Chirping bird, Melodious
Solitary, Shy, Docile, Calm
Comparable Breeds
Zebra finch, American Singer Canary
Border Fancy Canary General Info

The Border Fancy Canary is the perfect classic picture of a lovely pet bird, such as it’s often portrayed in movies, cartoons, and books. It is a distinct canary breed that was bred solely for its beautiful appearance. But as an addition, this canary breed boasts a melodious and pretty song, as well, completing the whole package and presenting us with a remarkable, loving bird. As a popular choice for a pet bird, these canaries are easily available all around the world.

Beautiful, showy looks, a pretty song, and a strong nature – the Border Fancy Canary is the ideal choice for a pet bird.

Native Region/Natural Habitat

With the rising popularity of canaries in the late 1700’s England, the breeders set out on establishing another new, fresh breed that will have all the desirable traits. In the following decades, the new canary formed in the border regions of northern England and southern Scotland, where it quickly became a sought-after singing bird. Thanks to its birthplace, the lovely new breed got the name Border Fancy Canary.

Overall Description

Like most canaries, the Border Fancy is likewise somewhat small. They usually reach a length of about 5.5 inches (14 centimeters) or less and have plump, well-rounded bodies. In the past, their modest size earned them an appropriate nickname – “The Wee Gem.” Well, these wee gems are undoubtedly precious, being calm, docile birds, renowned for their pretty song and friendly nature. They’ll love to move about though, so allow them some space.

Speech and Sounds

We all know what the most important and famous trait of all canaries is – their wonderful song! Even when alone and unprompted, these birds will proudly sing their lovely tunes. With an easily recognizable set of melodies and whistling tones, their song is without a doubt cheerful and regaling, but most importantly pleasant to the ear. Males are often kept alone, because especially then, their song comes to the foreground.


Around the world, and all the bird shows, the Border Fancy Canary is prominent and always on display. This is due to its specially bred, lovely and vibrant color which is appreciated by layman and canary aficionados alike. Most of the time, this is a vivid, bright yellow. It also became its own little trademark. In some cases, lighter tones appear, such as white, or very light green or yellow. The under-tail is often white.

The bright and vibrant yellow is the trademark of a Border Fancy. It gives these canaries a lively and cheerful look.

Care and Feeding

As they are amongst the most popular pet birds today, the usual, perfected commercial seed mixes that are readily available in pet stores are an excellent choice for Border Fancy Canaries. These will take care of their basic needs of vitamins and proteins, through a good variety of canary and rapeseed. On occasion, don’t hesitate to offer some fresh greens like lettuce, cabbage or celery.

Aside from fresh drinking water, a regular bath should also be provided. Offer them a bathing dish and see how they’ll enjoy it.

Health and Common Conditions

Border Fancy Canaries are well known for their strong constitution and minimal care requirements. With an average lifespan of up to 15 years, they’ll spend it without much troubles or health-related issues. To ensure your pet has a happy, healthy life, you’ll need to look out for the regular problems and eliminate them. Drafty, damp and overly cold places will lead to troubles. Also, take care of their hygiene regularly and your Border Fancy Canary shouldn’t have any major health issues.

Like all canaries, the Border Fancy is a healthy and robust bird. Take care of them, and you’ll enjoy their company for many years.

Personality & Behavior

With their gentle and sometimes shy personalities, you should avoid placing canaries with larger, more dominant birds. In truth, these birds are happiest and genuinely content when alone. If given enough space and some basic toys, they will have no troubles keeping themselves entertained and announce their joy through a lively and melodic song. Border Fancy Canary might not require as much interaction as larger pet birds, but it will still cherish attention from its owner. In time, your canary might even enjoy cuddling with you!

Photo credit: Eric Isselee/Shutterstock; ene/Shutterstock; John A. Anderson/Shutterstock

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