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About Gloster Canary

4 inches
12 years
Various natural colors & mutations
Vocal, Singer, Melodic natural calls
Social, Fun, Friendly, Cuddly, Affectionate, Playful, Energetic
Comparable Breeds
Zebra Finch, Red Factor Canary
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Gloster Canary General Info

One of the iconic household pets, these tiny birds have been cherished for many, many decades. Small, easy to care for, fun, and friendly – they have all the favorable traits a pet bird could have. And with its cute and unique looks, Gloster Canary undeniably stands out from the pet bird crowd! With all these lovable, wonderful traits and their widespread availability, these birds make perfect pets for beginners, children, and seniors. If you are looking for a sweet, docile pet bird to keep you company and brighten your day without asking much in return, look no further than the Gloster Canary.

Small, easy to care for, fun, and friendly- in the opinion of many, the Gloster Canary is a perfect pet bird.

Native Region/Natural Habitat

If we go all the way back to the roots of this breed, we’ll come to the Macaronesian islands – the Azores, Madeiras and Canary islands. But the modern, Gloster Canaries, were born far from this homeland. They were bred in England, from several canary breeds, which gave us this unique and special bird. Since their introduction in 1920’s English countryside, they have adapted to many parts of the world, and they easily adapted to thrive in every household environment. Today, Gloster Canary is one of the most popular pet choices and can be found everywhere.

Overall Description

Canaries come from the family of Finches, and as such, they share many similarities that are easily recognizable. Their cute, chubby physique, small beaks, and thin little feet cannot be mistaken. The adults reach an average length of just 4 inches (11 centimeters). Their overall size doesn’t require cages that are large. As long as they have plenty of room to move about, of course – these are lively birds. Additionally, there are two types of Gloster Canary, the consorts and the corona. The corona types have a bushy, rounded crest, commonly called the “Beatles haircut”. Likewise, the variants without any crests are called the consorts.

Speech and Sounds

As these tiny birds are not too noisy, they make perfect apartment pets. They have excellent singing qualities and will show this talent off with various melodic tweets, chirps and elaborate whistles. This great combination of charming looks and beautiful singing is definitely what makes Gloster Canary so loved. You will quickly realize that their song is never dull or over the top. It is a soothing melody that will never fail to put a smile on your face.


Thanks to the efforts of breeders and breed enthusiasts, numerous artificial colors have been created. Gloster Canary can be seen with plumage in many various patterns, color combinations, and tones. Some of the most popular varieties are yellow, green, cinnamon, and frost. Aditionally, there are several different patterns, too , with white collars, yellow breasts, and grayish crests. Needless to say, this charming bird has enough variety to make any owner proud to have a Gloster Canary in their home.

Gloster Canary comes in almost every imaginable color. Most of these are specifically created by canary breeders.

Care and Feeding

These small birds have the greatest choice of commercial mixes, and they will depend on a balanced diet of seeds, millet, and fruits. The best first step concerning your pet’s diet is getting a commercial seed mix specifically designed for canaries. This offers a healthy combination of millet, oats, sunflower seeds, and other similar goodies. To balance this diet out, you will want to provide a healthy dose of fresh fruits and vegetables, such as oranges, apples, pears, cabbage, and carrots. Another important part of this is water. Make sure to provide fresh drinking water twice daily.

Health and Common Conditions

Canaries, although tiny and fragile, are in general considered as hardy and strong birds with admirable health. Provided you take good care and optimize their living conditions, you should have a lively and happy bird that can live up to 12 years. Some important things to keep in mind are a balanced diet, plenty of exercise, and a lot of social interaction. Gloster Canary is very friendly and might depend on your company and socialization for optimal health. A lonely bird will quickly get sick.

Small and lively, a canary will love to play and move around. Provide some time for playing and interaction.

Personality & Behavior

These small birds are full of spirit! Although their size doesn’t indicate it, they can be very bold and playful, and you can definitely expect them acting like a big bossy parrot. As time passes and a bond is created, your Gloster Canary can also become very affectionate and enjoy cuddling and snuggling beneath the blankets. Their lively personality is cute and funny, and they’ll love tricks and small toys. All things considered, the Gloster Canary is a perfect pet bird on so many different levels. From looks and the singing to its charming personality- no wonder they are such popular pets!

Photo credit: Eric Isselee/Shutterstock; Maximilian100/Shutterstock

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