Orange Winged Amazon

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About Orange Winged Amazon

13 inches
up to 80 years
Bird Species
Amazon Parrot
Vocal, Loud natural calls, Talkative, Mimics
Social, Affectionate, Fun, Friendly, Playful
Comparable Breeds
Double Yellow Headed Amazon, African Grey Parrot
Orange Winged Amazon General Info

One of the most common Amazon breeds, the friendly and intelligent Orange Winged Amazon has been a popular pet for well over a century. As they are a widespread breed and a common sight in their habitat, these parrots easily found their way to every corner of the earth. They are loved thanks to their sweet and entertaining personality, and they are known as big and cuddly companions. With a lifespan that can reach up to 80 years, these pets can be a lifelong friend and an established member of your family.

These parrots are often chosen as lifelong companions, thanks to their remarkable lifespan.

Native Region/Natural Habitat

One of the commonly seen breeds in South America, they cover a large part in the center and north of this continent. This region includes Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Trinidad and Tobago, and others. These parrots thrive in regional forests, woodlands, and semi-open country. In some parts, they are targeted as agricultural pests, as they often feed in plantations, due to their liking of cocoa plants. Additionally, some indigenous communities also hunt them for food and feathers. Close to a 100,000 of these parrots have been caught and traded on the international market, in a span of just 8 years.

Overall Description

Closely related to all the Amazon parrots, this breed retains all the familiar details and the overall looks of the species. In fact, only a few distinct color details will separate the Orange Winged Amazons from their close cousins. The adults look identical to one another and will reach an average length of 13 inches (33 centimeters). They can be quite robust birds and will weigh on average about a pound (450 grams). As a result, you’ll have to ensure a lot of free space, a lot of exercise to prevent boredom and obesity, and a balanced diet with minimum fats.

Speech and Sounds

Orange Winged Amazon is moderately noisy, in comparison to other pet birds. Although they are considerably less skilled talkers than some other popular Amazon breeds, they can still repeat some words and mimic sounds with relative ease. At certain parts of the day, like dawn or dusk, they can get a bit vocal, producing their distinct and sometimes loud natural calls. But, in general, these parrots are not as noisy as some other breeds and can be great for both apartment and house settings.


Amazons are not a species with varied colors or exotic patterns. Most of the breeds follow the same variations and color combinations, and the Orange Winged Amazon is no exception. Still, even with just a few simple tones, we have a parrot that is both distinct and charming. The body is almost entirely light green. The cheeks are bright yellow, while the forehead has a patch of light blue feathers. The wings are of a darker shade of green, and the tips of the flight feathers are colored in a striking orange. This distinct feature gives them their common name.

Amazons are charming but often plainly colored. The Orange Winged Amazon is a perfect example.

Care and Feeding

In the wild, their diet is a careful selection of tropical fruits, seeds, small insects, and tree blossoms. For your pet, you will have to achieve a balanced diet and avoid unnecessary foods, since these parrots are prone to obesity. Start with a commercial seed mix designed for Amazon parrots, and supplement this with a good dose of fresh fruits and green vegetables. To avoid obesity, which can lead to many problems, make sure you avoid foods rich in fats or proteins.In addition, you’ll need to ensure a lot of exercise and play time outside of the cage.

Health and Common Conditions

One of the hardiest parrot species out there, the Amazons are as stout and healthy as they come. Due to their large size and ability to adapt, they spend their lives without any major issues. Granted, if properly taken care of. Make sure the conditions are optimal: good hygiene, well-balanced diet, and plenty of exercise. Provide this, and you’ll have a healthy pet that can enrich your life for as long as 80 years!

Orange Winged Amazons are one of the long-lived parrot breeds. Be prepared for a commitment, and count on having to arrange a plan for their lifelong care- these birds often outlive their owners.

Personality & Behavior

These parrots are big in size and have an equally big personality. They are friendly and sociable, loving the attention and playful behavior. They never fail to make a great first impression, and really like the company of people. Add a slightly goofy behavior, full of silly tricks, and you have a pet that’s instantly popular. Keep in mind that Orange Winged Amazons can become quite bonded to their owner or a particular family member. This stems from their affectionate, friendly, and sometimes cuddly nature. In general, for any owner that is looking for a friendly and silly companion, this Amazon breed is the way to go!

Photo credit: Angela N Perryman/Shutterstock; Tarcisio Schnaider/Shutterstock; Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH/Shutterstock

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