Severe Macaw

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About Severe Macaw

18 inches
up to 80 years
Bird Species
Vocal, Talkative, Mimics, Noisy
Social, Fun, Energetic, Affectionate, Silly
Comparable Breeds
African Grey Parrot, Hyacinth Macaw
Severe Macaw General Info

We all know that macaws are, without a doubt, some of the funniest, cuddliest and affectionate pets out there – the true entertainers of the parrot world. That’s what makes these parrots loved and sought after worldwide, and the Severe macaw is undoubtedly a fitting representative of the family. Silly and fun, this loving and energetic parrot is always friendly and in the center of attention. The long lifespan also makes them a wonderful companion for a lifetime.

The Severe Macaw is one of the best parrots in their family. A variety of lovely traits makes them a popular and cherished pet.

Native Region/Natural Habitat

Like almost all other macaws, the Severe Macaw too can be found in a large area in northern South America. This territory includes countries like Brazil, Panama, and Bolivia. Unlike some other macaws, they haven’t been affected by poaching or loss of habitat, and they have steady populations in the wild. These parrots love to nest in holes they find in the trees and enjoy their habitat of tropical, Amazonian forests.

Overall Description

Severe macaws are a part of the so-called “mini macaw” family, but they are still pretty big birds. The adults reach an average length of 18 inches (40 centimeters), and they share almost all other traits with their close cousins. You could say that this size is the perfect middle ground – they are not too large as the big macaws, but not too small either. In any case, a lot of room is still mandatory to ensure a happy parrot.

Speech and Sounds

Macaws can be loud sometimes. Their loud, tropical caws and calls are a part of their nature, but they are not often heard. What they like the best is talking. Severe macaws can build a small vocabulary of words they hear most often. They love to repeat these in a silly, loud voice that is bound to get a smile on every face. Mimicking everyday sounds is also one of their favorite tricks to learn. Their talking abilities never fail to cheer a crowd up and put these parrots in the spotlight.


Like a lot of the New World parrots, the Severe Macaw has an exotic look full of tropical colors. While they are mostly green, they have a few unique and distinguishing details. The underside of the wings has red and blue patches, and the forehead is brown. They too have a bare white facial patch with black lines like other macaw breeds. All of these details combined present us a beautiful, vibrant bird.

Severe macaws bring a fresh breeze of tropical, vivid colors into your home. These beautiful birds will charm you for sure.

Care and Feeding

There are specific seed and pellet mixes out there that are tailored for macaws. These will be an excellent choice for a basic diet. To supplement it you should offer a regular dose of cooked rice and chicken, fresh fruits, and green vegetables.

These macaws depend on freedom of movement. They have a large wingspan and need to exercise freely. A large, spacious cage and the free flight around the house are a top priority. You’ll also need to take care of their hygienic requirements- all macaws love baths. Make sure you bring them to the shower from time to time. They will love it so much!

Health and Common Conditions

Severe macaws are hardy and adaptable birds. They won’t have any trouble and are considered healthy and robust birds. This is all maintained by a lot of attention which includes hygiene, diet and social interaction. They create strong bonds and depend on your company and friendship. Don’t neglect your feathered friend’s needs and they will remain a healthy and happy pet parrot.

Macaws thrive on social interaction and friendship with their owner- make sure to provide it.

Personality & Behavior

These parrots can be quite the clowns. They have a fun, energetic and silly character, but in a cuddly way. They are explorers and love to play with toys and general items so keep an eye out. But in general, they’re not mischievous birds. You will soon see their affectionate and loving side and you will realize that this little macaw is more than a parrot. It is a part of your family.

Photo credit: Oskanov/BigStock; DickDaniels/WIkimedia Commons; Benjamin Graves/Wikimedia Commons

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