New Survey Ranks America's Top Dog Breeds by State

Nevena Nacic
by Nevena Nacic
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There’s no doubt about it - Americans love their dogs! We know that your pooch is the best breed, but have you wondered which are the most favored dog breeds in America?

Forbes surveyed 10,000 dog owners across the 50 states to find America’s top dog breed. The survey involved the top 25 most popular dog breeds nationwide, according to the American Kennel Club. 

So, what is America’s top dog? As it turns out, “no breed in particular” is the country’s favorite at 13%.

However, if Americans had to decide, they’d pick the Australian shepherd as a favorite, followed by the German shepherd and the bulldog.

The highly intelligent and energetic Australian shepherd was ranked as the top dog breed in 10 states, including Alabama, Arizona, Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Montana, Missouri, New York, and Virginia. This breed was also voted the second favorite in nine states. 

Although Aussies won the popularity vote, the German shepherd was the number one pick in 16 states. That’s more than any other breed!

Known for its loyal and courageous nature, the German shepherd is the most common breed to serve as a police K9 but also makes a wonderful family companion. They ranked as the second favorite dog breed in nine states. 

Interestingly, more men than women picked German shepherds as their favorite breed (9% compared to 6%). 

America’s 3rd favorite breed, according to Forbes, is the bulldog. The English bulldog is a medium-sized dog breed, best known for its stocky build, large head, and wrinkled face. 

The bulldog ranked as the top dog in eight states, including Illinois, Connecticut, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Utah. Among all states, Nebraska ranked the bulldog lowest, placing this breed at 24th place, 

The lovable and friendly Labrador retriever ranked as the nation’s 4th favorite breed. Thanks to their affectionate, friendly, and energetic nature, Labs make great companions to people of all ages and families with children. 

Labrador retrievers ranked as the most favorite dog breed in 10 states, including Louisiana, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oregon, South Dakota, and West Virginia. 

Bernese mountain dog is the 5th favorite dog breed in the United States. Large in size and built for hard work, Bernese mountain dogs are easy to train and make affectionate, loyal, and faithful companions. 

So, it’s no surprise that this doggo ranked as the most favorite breed in nine states. Compared to four other top-ranked breeds, the Bernese mountain dog had the most varying results, with 10 states ranking this breed in the bottom 10.

The beagle is the nation’s favorite small breed. Ranked as the 6th favorite breed overall, the beagle was placed in the top 10 favorite breeds in all but seven states. 

This breed received the lowest ranking in Utah, where it was voted as the state’s 3rd least favorite breed.

The golden retriever comes in at 7th place, after being voted as the most favorite dog breed in Michigan and Wisconsin. Medium in size and best known for their gorgeous golden coats, golden retrievers are loving, loyal, and affectionate companions to active people and families with children. 

Goldens were the 2nd favorite dog breed in four states, including New Hampshire, North Dakota, Connecticut, and Vermont. This breed ranked the lowest in Alabama, where it received 17th place.

These are America’s most favorite dog breeds, but the nation also has the least favorite doggo. This title goes to the Havanese, which was the bottom-ranked breed in 33 states.

The Havanese is followed by Pembroke Welsh Corgi which was the least favorite dog breed in 17 states. 

And what about you? What’s your favorite and least favorite dog breed?

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Nevena Nacic
Nevena Nacic

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