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by Angela Vuckovic
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About Spectacled Parrotlet

5 inches
25+ years
Bird Species
Quiet, Natural Calls
Social, Affectionate, Playful, Energetic, Cuddly, Silly
Comparable Breeds
Pacific Parrotlet, Sun Conure
Spectacled Parrotlet General Info

Tiny birds are always a great choice for pets, and for a lot of reasons. These silly, social little parrots have a lot of lovable traits that make them really popular in the aviculture world. They are also one of the smallest parrots out there! So if you’re looking for your perfect pet, but don’t own a spacious home – the goofy Spectacled Parrotlet is the ideal choice for you.

Spectacled parrotlets are a rising star in the world of pet parrots. They are one of the smallest New World breeds.

Native Region/Natural Habitat

These parrotlets inhabit a large region in Central and South America. Their habitat consists primarily of tropical dry forests and humid lowland forests, and it stretches through Panama, Venezuela, and Colombia. They specifically adapted to survive in their habitat, with the green plumage helping them blend in with the dense Amazon forests and hide from dangerous predators.

Overall Description

Spectacled parrotlet truly fits the popular description of pocket parrots. With the adults reaching an average length of just 5 inches (12 centimeters) and weighing just 1 ounce (30 grams), these are truly tiny birds, and actually the smallest parrotlet that exists today. While they are very cute, you’ll want to give them a little bit of extra attention to avoid accidents around the home. But if you’re short on space in your apartment, these birds can be a good choice for a pet.

Speech and Sounds

Parrotlets are not very noisy, and this makes them a popular pet for all beginner parrot owners. This is because a lot of first timers can’t get used to some noisier birds like Cockatoos or Sun Conures. With the regular natural calls that consist of cartoonish tweets and chirps, there’s not much else to be concerned about. This can be helpful to persons dealing with stressful situations daily and want to unwind at home with their little pet – without much noise and hustle.


Spectacled parrotlet is simple, small and lovely. There are not a lot of details about their plumage, but that doesn’t prevent them from being absolutely cute. Their body is rich green with rosy beak and feet. The distinct details are light blue circles around the eyes and on the wing and tail feather tips. The belly is slightly lighter green than the rest of the body. This simple but unique look is somehow fitting to the small size of these parrots. They are just lovely!

Spectacled parrotlets have a simple appearance, but somehow, it just makes them much cuter.

Care and Feeding

A premade commercial seed mix for parrotlets contains a variety of oats, white millet, sunflower seeds and similar goodies that your pet will adore. An occasional light meal of fresh fruits and vegetables are a must. Parrotlets adore cooked rice, fresh salad, and cabbage, carrots, and berries. Raspberries can be an absolute treat. A pellet based mix is not recommended for these small birds since they can be too large and offer little variations in their diet.

Health and Common Conditions

You would think that a bird this tiny will be frail and prone to sickness. But the truth is quite different. These parrotlets are very healthy and easily endure most common conditions. Of course, you’ll want to terminate excess heat, cold, damp and draft. Occasional bathing dishes are a treat for them and a mandatory part of a healthy and maintained hygiene. They have an average lifespan of 20 to 30 years, during which they rarely suffer any serious health issues.

With a lifespan of up to 30 years, your Spectacled parrotlet will become a friend and family member for a long, long time.

Personality & Behavior

Many owners praise these parrotlets as wonderful pets, thanks to many desirable traits they possess. They are fairly smart and will quickly learn to do some simple tricks. You will simply fall in love with their silly little walk around the house, with their little feet moving with comical speed. These social and affectionate birds are notorious for cuddling and burrowing under your blankets in search of scratches. But on the other hand, they have a silly and playful side that can sometimes stray into the mischief. All this is just a simple and harmless fun, though, which you will realize from the enjoyment you get from spending precious time with your tiny, cute parrotlet friend.

Photo credit: Elkin Restrepo/Shutterstock; Julian Londono/Wikimedia Commons; Rogier Klappe/Wikimedia Commons

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