Thai Cat

Lisa Selvaggio
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fast facts

About Thai Cat

8-15 lb
Medium sized, graceful
12-16 years
Best Suited For
Experienced cat parents, families that can give their cats plenty of attention, families with children and other pets
Social, loving, talkative, attention seeking
Comparable Breeds
Siamese, Birman
21-23 inches
Thai Cat Breed History

The Thai cat breed originated in Thailand, where it is actually referred to as the Wichien-Maat, which translates to “moon diamond.” This breed is also commonly referred to as the Traditional, or Old-Style, Siamese.

Originally brought to England in 1886 as a gift to the royal family, the very first Thai cats were also referred to as the Royal Cats from Siam. These cats were larger and more robust, and they also had heads that were more round, than the Siamese cats that people know and love today.

Breeding over time changed the look of the Siamese, giving it a slender body, long legs, and a triangular, long head. But because of increased interest in the Traditional Siamese, breeders started trying to get the original qualities back into the breed in the 1950s. And in 1990, the Thai name was given to cats that had the classic look of Traditional Siamese cats. Finally, in 2009, TICA gave the Thai an Advanced New Breed status.

The Thai cat breed originated in Thailand, where it is actually referred to as the Wichien-Maat, which translates to “moon diamond.”

Breed Traits

Thai cats will strongly bond with people, and they are loving, affectionate, and attached to their families. They are social cats that really enjoy the company of people and should have a feline companion if they are to be left alone at home for long periods of time. In fact, they will often make it a point to follow you around and be involved in everything that you do, so you need to have the patience to give these needy cats the attention that they require.

These cats are also intelligent, clever, and talkative, often telling their owners how they feel. They enjoy playing with people, as well as snuggling up in someone’s lap to relax when they are done using up their energy. Because of their demands for attention, spending a good amount of time interacting with your cat every day is necessary to keep this breed content.

The Thai is also a breed that does well in homes with children, as well as pets of other species, such as dogs.

Overall Description

The Thai cat is a shorthaired cat breed that has a flat, short coat that is really soft in texture. Their bodies feature medium sized bones in the legs, head, and tail. And they have a wedge-shaped muzzle, ears that are broad at the base, and a long, flat forehead that distinguishes it from other pointed breeds. These cats also have striking blue eyes that complement their pointed coat beautifully.

Overall, the Thai breed can be referred to as an Old-Style Siamese because of its many similarities to the Siamese breed.


The Thai cat breed comes in every point color. These include tabby points, tortie points, torbie points, and solid points.

Grooming Requirements

The Thai breed’s coat is silky, soft, and short, so little grooming is required, especially since these cats are great at keeping themselves really clean. However, brushing your cat regularly is a good idea to remove loose hair, reduce shedding, and help prevent hairballs.

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Lisa Selvaggio
Lisa Selvaggio

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