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About Jatese

8-11 inches
6-10 lbs
11-15 years
Not applicable
Best Suited For
Singles, seniors, families with older children, people who live in an apartment
Affectionate, sweet, intelligent, lively, devoted, friendly, playful
Comparable Breeds
Japanese Chin, Maltese,
Jatese Basics

Tiny but mighty, the Jatese will make your heart melt with its sweet personality. This petite designer dog breed was developed by crossing the two popular toy breeds, the Japanese Chin and the Maltese. This unusual mix between breeds results in an adorable hybrid that flaunts lovable character and gorgeous looks. The soft, attractive coat often comes in two colors, resembling that of its noble Japanese parent. Similarly, these crossbreed pooches can also have that cute Oriental expression (pug-like face) that pet owners all over adore!

When it comes to its behavior, the Jatese or Maltichin, is a true companion. Funny and friendly, these small breed designer dogs will shower you with love- but expect the same from you, too. If you want a real cuddle bug and a velcro pooch, you’ll be in luck with the affectionate Jatese.

Friendly and affectionate, the Japanese Chin and Maltese mix will become your best friend in no time.


Designer dog breeds are still somewhat of a mystery: not many people know where the differences between mutts and designer dogs begin and where they end. As the intentional cross-breeding of purebreds is still a fairly rare and recent trend, there is so much about designer breeds we don’t know. The lovely Japanese Chin and Maltese mix is no exception.

No one can claim with certainty where this hybrid was first created. However, it’s highly likely that the Jatese was originally developed somewhere in the United States, in the last two decades. Of course, even though they might have a murky origin and lack history as a breed, these dogs do have an impressive pedigree that can vouch for their qualities.


As the offspring of two well-respected toy breeds with impressively long histories, the Japanese Chin and the Maltese, this hybrid dog has a family tree any pooch would be proud of. The Japanese Chin or Spaniel can be traced as far back as the 8th and 9th century when it was bred to be a lap dog for nobles, and the Maltese is considered to be the oldest European toy dog breed.

Granted, even though the ancestry of the Jatese is undeniably respectable, this hybrid is not officially recognized by the American Kennel Club. The AKC, as well as its international counterparts, don’t view crossbreeding as a way to create actual new breeds, and they don’t give recognition to designer dogs in general. As a mix between two breeds, these puppies can’t have official pedigree papers, but there’s no room for doubt: the Jatese has two wonderful parents that will pass on some remarkable traits!


Dogs are not too complex when it comes to food preferences. In fact, most of them will eat literally anything they get their paws on, but it doesn’t mean you should pay attention to their diet. Proper nutrition will support your pet’s overall health and make sure they get to have long and happy lives. The best diet for Jatese will be based on high-quality dry food for dogs that will provide all of the essential nutrients. You should choose kibble designed especially for small or toy dog breeds, that suits your pet’s age (puppy, adult, senior) as well as their activity level (low to moderate).

Owing to their petite stature, the Jatese is prone to obesity. These tiny dogs gain weight very fast if you let them indulge their appetite for treats and yummies, and it doesn’t take much to tip the scale toward obesity. Unfortunately, this will also bring about a myriad of health issues- so make sure to keep their serving size just right.

Owing to their petite stature, the Jatese is prone to obesity.


Sometimes, toy dog breeds can be difficult to housebreak and can have a tendency to be stubborn. Not the Jatese! These pooches are smart and eager to please their owner, so training sessions are usually a breeze. In most cases, they’ll learn fast, especially if you rely on positive reinforcement methods. Start with the basics such as potty training and leash training, and move on to teaching commands and tricks. Your sweet puppy will love spending time with you, and once you involve treats and praise in the process, you can bet they’ll look forward to your training sessions!

Even though these hybrids are friendly by nature, it’s essential to socialize them on time. If not given basic training and socialization early on, a Jatese pooch can grow up to be distrustful of strangers and prone to nipping if bothered by a kid. Additionally, as these dogs tend to become fiercely bonded to their families, it wouldn’t hurt to crate train them, as well. Separation anxiety is a potential risk with these designer dogs, so make sure you have a plan in place in case your pet becomes scared when home alone.


Usually, it’s not easy to tell how a mixed breed puppy will turn out, appearance-wise, once they’re in the adult stage of life. Fortunately, the size similarities between the Japanese Chin and the Maltese leave no room for surprise. The Jatese will weigh 6 to 10 pounds in its adulthood- very petite! Their small frame, combined with their moderate exercise needs make these mixed breed dogs ideal for apartment dwellers.


The Jatese is a perfect combination of sweet and sassy. Affectionate, cuddly and friendly, these dogs will have no problem showing their emotions. They’ll love to follow you around and snuggle with you while you watch TV. Just be careful- their devotion can evolve to separation anxiety if you allow them to be too clingy. Find that fine line between having a velcro dog and a loyal companion!

With proper socialization, these hybrids will also get along great with children and other pets in the household. They might try to boss other pooches around ( small dog syndrome is hard to escape!) but they tend to be well-liked by their canine fellows.

In addition to being adorable cuddle bugs, the Jatese are quite the entertainers, as well. They have a playful, curious personality that often leads to silly antics and goofy behavior that will charm your pants off. Every day spent with this Japanese Chin and Maltese mix will be a joy, that’s for sure!

Common Health Problems

There is a common belief among dog lovers that mutts have fewer health issues than purebred dogs. This mostly stems from the idea that selective breeding leads to genetic conditions, whereas cross breeding promotes so-called hybrid vigor or greater resilience. Naturally, this is one of the many reasons why designer dog breeds were created in the first place- as breeders believed it will help eliminate health issues of the parents. While there is not enough data for experts to claim if these ideas have any merit, you can rest assured that the Jatese is quite a healthy dog.

When it comes to genetic issues, these hybrids are prone only to patellar luxation (kneecap dislocation) and patent ductus arteriosus (congenital heart defect). The Jatese might also have various eye issues as they grow older and be prone to early tooth loss, same as the majority of toy breeds. Additionally, if the Jatese puppy takes up after their Japanese Chin parent, they’ll be at risk from overheating in the summer, so make sure they don’t overexert themselves during walks.

Life Expectancy

Most designer dog breeds were created sometime in the last 20 years- the Jatese included- which means they haven’t been around long for us to figure out their life expectancy! Luckily, by looking at the lifespan of the parental breeds, you can guess fairly accurately how long their offspring will live. For the Jatese, life expectancy is around 11 to 15 years.

Exercise Requirements

The Jatese might be an energetic pooch, but it doesn’t mean they’ll need much exercise. As it is usually the case with all other toy dogs, it doesn’t take much for these little guys to meet their daily activity goals. A few short walks for your pet to do their business or a quick trip to the nearest dog park will tire them out! Circa 30 minutes of daily exercise is all it takes. Naturally, this makes the Jatese ideal for pet owners who live in an apartment or seniors who want a low-maintenance companion.

If your Jatese puppy favors their Japanese Chin parent, they might have an ‘acrobatic’ side to them. Often described as cat-like for their proclivity towards climbing, these pooches can be quite the Houdini when it comes to sneaking out of the backyard- no matter how securely fenced it is. To stay on the safe side, never leave your new pet playing outside unattended!

Of course, you shouldn’t forget that intelligent dogs such as the Jatese need mental exercise, too. Keep their bright minds stimulated with fun interactive toys to prevent boredom and destructive behavior that comes with it.

The Jatese is a perfect combination of sweet and sassy.

Recognized Clubs

Although mixed breed dogs are not recognized by official institutions such as American Kennel Club, it doesn’t mean that there are no organizations that give them recognition. There are plenty of canine clubs that realize that designer dog breeds are not a passing trend and that certain standards should exist for them. The hybrid-enthusiastic organizations that recognize the Jatese include the American Canine Hybrid Club, Designer Breed Registry, Designer Dogs Kennel Club, Dog Registry of America, and International Designer Canine Registry.


The Japanese Chin and Maltese mix dog flaunts a lovely, silky coat that looks absolutely luxurious. The single-layered coat is usually on the longer side, and it will require a bit of maintenance to keep looking spick and span at all times. Regular brushing and occasional baths are a must for the Jatese, and you might have to take them to a grooming salon, as well.

While the Maltese parent is considered to be near hypoallergenic, their Jatese offspring probably won’t be- although these hybrids tend to be low shedding.

When it comes to coat color of the Jatese, it’s most commonly black and white. In rare instances, be pure white or a white and red combination.


It’s probably impossible to find anything cuter than a litter of Jatese puppies. Lively, tiny and absolutely adorable, these hybrid dogs are charmers even in their puppyhood. While the extraverted behavior and positive attitude might come naturally to them, it’s still important to work on socializing your Jatese from an early age. Otherwise, they might grow up to be overly distrustful of strangers and won’t be as friendly to kids and other pets.

The Jatese brings together two companion breeds into one cute package- and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Amiable and loving, the Japanese Chin and Maltese mix will become your best friend in no time. This hybrid breed is ideal for seniors and singles looking for a low-maintenance companion, or families that want a playful cuddle bug pet for their older children.

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