5 Safe And Tasty Human Food For Dogs

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We all know that not all human foods are suitable for dogs (sorry you’ll never experience the wonder that is chocolate, Fido). However, there are a good number of “people foods” that are not only safe for canines but good for them. You can feed any of human food for dogs as a tasty treat or as an added extra to a well-balanced meal.

1. Pumpkin: Pumpkin and other winter squashes – such as acorn and butternut – are full of fiber and beta carotene (which is a good source of vitamin A). You can feed your dog either fresh, cooked pumpkin or the canned variety. If going down the latter route, make sure it’s pure pumpkin not pumpkin pie filling, which also contains spices and lots of sugar. Pumpkin is known to help bulk stools, so it’s a great addition to your pup’s meal if she’s been suffering from a bout of diarrhea.

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2. Carrots: Like pumpkin, carrots are high in fiber and beta carotene, but the bonus is that they can be eaten raw, making them a more convenient snack. Some dogs will even munch on a whole carrot, although whole baby carrots might be more suitable for smaller dogs. In addition to their nutritional benefits, chomping on carrots is great for your dog’s teeth, helping to remove plaque and increase saliva production.

3. Peanut Butter: As a member of the legume family, the peanut – and by extension peanut butter – is a great source of protein. One of the top human food for dogs, peanut butter is also packed full of vitamin B, vitamin E, niacin and healthy fats, which are good for your dog’s heart. Slathering a generous spoonful of peanut butter into a Kong, or similar toy, is an excellent way of keeping your dog entertained for some time. It can also be frozen to make cooling summertime treats.

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4. Apples: Apples are an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin A and fiber. They’re also full of phytonutrients, which have been linked to certain anti-cancer benefits. Since they’re naturally sweet, most dogs will happily chow down on them as a low-calorie treat. However, you should avoid feeding apple cores to your dog, as the seeds contain traces of cyanide and ingesting them regularly could be dangerous. You should also make sure that you feed apples in moderation, since they contain a lot of natural sugars.

5. Oatmeal: Oatmeal is a good source of vitamins and minerals such as manganese, vitamin B1 (also known as thiamin), and phosphorus. It’s also full of soluble fiber, which is the kind that’s easier to digest. As such, it can be beneficial to older dogs or any canines who have bowel troubles. What’s more, it’s a good alternative type of grain for dogs who are allergic to wheat or gluten, or who simply don’t tolerate it very well. Oats can be fed cooked or raw, but if feeding them uncooked, it’s generally best to soak them in water for a while first, to soften them.

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