Beef and Rice Stir Fry Dog Food Recipe

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When I want to eat healthy, I whip up a stir fry. After prep and cook time, it takes about 20 minutes, from counter to table. So that got me to thinking… can’t we do the same thing for our dogs? This recipe is a bit different than the one I make for myself. For one, there are no spices in this Beef and Rice Stir Fry Dog Food Recipe. And you won’t find any soy sauce in it either. You’ll notice that I’ve added fresh garlic to my recipe. If you don’t feel comfortable giving your dog garlic, you can leave it out without affecting the end result.


2 cups brown rice, steamed

1/2 cup shredded carrots, steamed

1/2 cup chopped broccoli, steamed

1 teaspoon coconut oil

1 lbs ground beef

1 clove garlic, minced


  1. Cook rice in steamer separately.
  2. Steam broccoli and carrots on stove in ½ cup of water until soft. Drain water and set aside.
  3. In a large frying pan, heat coconut oil and add garlic and ground beef on medium-high heat. Cook until browned.
  4. Add carrots and broccoli. Mix well on medium heat.
  5. Add rice and mix on medium heat for five minutes.
  6. Let cool and portion into bags. Refrigerate or freeze until needed.

Once it was done, Oscar and I shared a bowl. Other than it being a bit bland for my taste buds, it was actually pretty good. And feel free to add in any extra veggies your dog likes to this recipe – there’s always room for more vegetables!