Follow Ingredients From Farm to Bag With New Open Farm Dog Food App

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Pet parents want to read more than just food labels. And thanks to Open Farm’s new traceability app on its website, you’ll know exactly what’s in each bag and where the ingredients came from.

I was shocked and worried when I noticed little red bumps and rashes popping up on the skin under my Chiweenie’s shiny black coat. After several veterinary tests, we weren’t able to pinpoint the exact ingredient, but one thing was for sure: Kika was allergic to something in her daily kibble. This was certainly confusing, as I had fed Kika the same brand and flavor for years and she had never had any problems with it in the past. The only logical explanation is that the makers had changed something about its food, had not disclosed it on the packaging and my dog had an allergic reaction to it.

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The truth of the matter is even if we had known what ingredients were in the kibble, we probably wouldn’t have known what she was allergic to until she ate it. Thankfully, Kika’s allergic reaction didn’t worsen and after a while of making weekly batches of unseasoned rice, lamb and veggies (I bet she still has dreams of those glory days), we got her on another brand of food and she was fine. What I wish was available on every package of dog food is the ability to easily see what every single ingredient is and where it came from.

Open Farm seems to have mysterious have read my thoughts (get out of my mind, Open Farm!) with a new web app. With its traceability feature, all you have to do is go onto the Open Farm website, enter the Lot Number on your bag of the brand’s kibble, and presto: you know exactly what is in Fido’s kibble and where it came from, down to the state or province where it was sourced. Now, how many kibble brands do you know can tell you in a matter of seconds that the turkey in your dog’s food was locally grown?

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The biggest reason why Open Farm instilled this feature on every single bag they sell is to be as transparent as possible. With more and more consumers demanding to be more aware of what they eat and where it comes from, it’s no wonder they also want to know what they feed their dog.

For Open Farm, the concept was two-tiered. Knowing every nuance about your pet’s food not only helps to create a trusting relationship between customer and seller, but it also allows for pet parents to stay away from ingredients that they can’t or don’t want to feed their pooches. For example, an environmentally friendly consumer may want to feed their dog products that are grown close to home to support their community. Or, if your dog is allergic to seafood, you’d want to be sure that your dog’s food didn’t come in contact with any fish or shellfish or any kind. With Open Farm’s traceability feature, you can be sure that the kibble you purchased isn’t trying to hide behind their bag, but rather invites you to check out every single ingredient in it.

Intrigued to find out what’s in your bag of Open Farm kibble? Go to the website, type the Lot number in the green box (located in the top right corner) and find out where your pooch’s din-din came from before it landed in his bowl.

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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