VitusVet App Gives You Access To Your Dog’s Medical Records 24/7

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
No matter where you travel or what day it is, the VitusVet app gives you access to your dog’s medical records, just in case of emergencies.

The holidays are coming and for many of us, travel factors into our plans. For those who make the trek back home with Rover in tow, you know not to forget his leash, food bowl, favorite blanket and toys. But what happens if while in foreign territory, illness strikes (him, not you)? Who among us thinks to pack our pooch’s medical records alongside the Frisbee and squeaky toys? Who even has his medical records?

Not planning to travel this year? If your holidays are about decking your own halls and baking up batches of goodies for others, picture Christmas day with the wine mulling, the eggs nogging and suddenly your pooch is seriously ailing from some unforeseen cause. It’s clear he needs to be seen by a vet now versus during regular hours of operation and this means that any treatment be delivered without a complete and up-to-date medical picture.

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Well Christmas has come early because… there’s an app for that!

VitusVet is a free mobile app available through iTunes for your iPhone or android and its launch earlier in 2015 means users can view their pets’ complete medical records at any time. It is also the only app that allows the user to invite friends and family to view their pet’s history and offers a search option to find the closest veterinary emergency clinic – key if you’re travelling and don’t know the area or you have a pet-sitter holding down the fort while you’re away and s/he may need access.

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How it works is simple. VitusVet is a software platform that works with a veterinary practice’s existing software system and stores a pet’s complete medical record online where it’s accessible 24/7/365.The app also allows pet owners to upload their own notes, take photos, schedule appoints with their vets or set medication and vaccination reminders.

Kalpesh Raval, co-founder of VitusVet confirms it is the only app that will provide complete medical records, not just lab work or vaccines. “Pet parents shouldn’t have to wait for something to be emailed or faxed when time is of the essence. Having this comprehensive information literally at your fingertips leaves pets less vulnerable to medical mistakes.”

To download the VitusVet app for free, visit iTunes or the Google Play store.
Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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