New Lucy Pet Pet Food Line Helps Gut and Digestive Health

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Known for its Dog Grooming and Kitty Litter products, Lucy Pet Products now delves into the exciting world of… Pet Food! But what’s so special about these dog and cat food formulas?

Do you believe in gut instinct? The good people at Lucy Pet Products sure do and it brought about the idea for a new line of dog and cat food.

There are many pet foods that were developed 20 years ago that reflected the lifestyles and feeding patterns of the time. Fast forward and we’re now seeing growing instances of pet obesity, diabetes and other conditions related to overfeeding and poor food quality.

That’s where one Dr. George C. Fahey, Professor Emeritus of Animal and Nutritional Sciences at the University of Illinois, enters the picture. He has devoted the last four decades to studying the role of fiber and associated health benefits to our pets’ digestive systems. Yes, the same fiber we scrutinize as we purchase our breakfast cereals is also key to ensuring our fur-kids stay fit and healthy.

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Dr. Fahey’s extensive research on gastrointestinal tract health helped him identify the optimal sources and concentrations of dietary fibers in pet foods including fermentability (can it support good bacteria), digestibility, and effectiveness of prebiotics. In short, great formulations promote good gut health in our pets and ensure they are efficiently absorbing nutrients.

Using the results of this research, Joey Herrick, founder and President of Lucy Pet Products teamed up with Dr. Fahey to launch Lucy Pet Formulas For Life.

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Herrick is no slouch when it comes to innovative approaches to feeding our pets, having personally kick-started the natural pet food industry with his first-of-its-kind Natural Balance pet foods. That’s why it’s not a stretch that he decided to go back to his roots with the Lucy Pet Formulas for Life brand.

Lucy Pet Formulas for Life brand has plenty of that fiber we were talking about before. The fiber works with high quality proteins, a blend of quinoa, pumpkin, and chickpeas for an ideal balance of more beneficial bacteria in the gut. High-quality meats such as duck and wild-caught Alaskan salmon are sourced globally from trusted suppliers, with absolutely no ingredients coming from China.

“Until recently, the importance of the gut in overall health wasn’t fully understood,” says Herrick. “The latest nutritional advancements now show that the digestive tract goes far beyond just processing the food your pet eats. Just like in humans, it is very important to create a healthy environment in the gut because it plays a key role in strengthening your pet’s immunity to chronic diseases.”

Like I said, trust your gut!

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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