Phone Numbers Every Pet Parent Should Have On Hand

Kate Barrington
by Kate Barrington
Who are you going to call when there’s a dog emergency? Other than your vet and local 24-hour animal hospital, here are essential numbers to have beside your phone.

No matter how careful you are with your dog, there’s always the possibility that something unexpected might happen. Your pet could get into some kind of cleaning solution under the sink that requires immediate medical attention, or he could wander out of the yard through an open gate and get lost. For all of the unexpected problems that may come your way as a pet parent, be sure to keep these phone numbers on hand:

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ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (1-888-426-4435)

This hotline is sponsored by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and it is the first number you should call if your dog ingests or comes into contact with a dangerous or poisonous substance. This 24-hour service gives you the option to have a consultation with a veterinarian for $65.

Pet Poison Helpline (1-800-213-6680)

The Pet Poison Helpline is another option to call if your dog ingests or comes into contact with a dangerous or poisonous substance. This service only costs $35 for residents of the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean, which includes an initial consultation and any follow-up calls.

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Lyme Disease Foundation (860-870-0070)

This hotline is run by the Lyme Disease Foundation, a non-profit organization that is devoted to finding solutions for tick-borne diseases like Lyme disease. This is the hotline to call if you have questions about tick-borne diseases like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, or Colorado tick fever.

Stolen Pet Hotline (1-800-STOLEN-PET)

The Stolen Pet Hotline is the number to call if you think that your pet has been stolen. When a dog disappears, it can be a traumatic experience and you do not want to think that someone may have taken your pet. This hotline exists to offer assistance if you think your dog has been stolen.

Animal Pet and Travel Resources (1-800-545-USDA)

This is the number to call with all of your questions about flying with your pet. Counsellors can help to answer your questions about airline regulations and about what you should bring when travelling with your pet.

Spay/USA Helpline (1-800-248-7729)

Do you need help finding a low-cost spay/neuter clinic in your area? The Spay/USA Helpline will point you in the right direction. This helpline is run by an organization whose mission is to reduce overpopulation of pets by ensuring affordability of spay/neuter services for all pet parents. Counsellors are available Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm EST.

ASPCA Animal Loss Hotline (877-474-3310)

This hotline is available for pet parents who pet has pass away or is suffering from a terminal illness. You can call this hotline for help making the decision to euthanize your pet or for advice on how to explain the loss to your children. Counsellors can also provide help with establishing a good relationship with your new pet.

Animal Behavior Hotline (312-644-8338, ext. 343)

Get in touch with qualified animal behavior specialists who can help to answer your questions about all kinds of pet behaviors. If your pet is exhibiting problem behaviors or if he suffers from separation anxiety, this is the number to call.

You never know when the unexpected might happen. From illnesses and sickness to behavioral issues, our dogs always keep us on our toes, and you want to be prepared. Bookmark this page, print off this list, stick it on the refrigerator or keep it by the phone, and pass it along to other pet parents – we all need an expert opinion for any unfortunate situation that arises.

Kate Barrington
Kate Barrington

Kate Barrington is the loving owner of two cats (Bagel and Munchkin) and a noisy herd of guinea pigs. Having grown up with golden retrievers, Kate has a great deal of experience with dogs but labels herself a lover of all pets. Having received a Bachelor's degree in English, Kate has combined her love for pets and her passion for writing to create her own freelance writing business, specializing in the pet niche.

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