Reducing Dog Insurance Rates With Third Party Insurance

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If you’re not keen on the idea of spending a huge annual or monthly sum on pet insurance, you might be looking for a way to get the lowest rates. If you want to pay the smallest amount possible, then you might want to consider taking out third party liability cover only. But, is this a good idea and is it right for you and your pooch? Only you can find out!

What is Third Party Insurance?

Third party insurance, sometimes known as third party liability insurance, is a policy that covers damage caused by your dog to a third party. As a dog owner, you’re deemed responsible for your dog’s actions, so if he causes damage of some kind, you’re the one who has to cover all associated costs. This damage could come in a range of forms. It could just be some good natured high jinx, such as digging up the neighbor’s lawn, or it could be something more serious, such as biting someone or getting loose and causing a car accident. These kinds of costs can mount up quickly, especially if someone is injured and has to take time off work. While it’s unlikely that your darling dog would intentionally cause damage or injury, it’s better to be prepared for anything.

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What Are the Pros of Getting Third Party Only Dog Insurance?

The main benefit of exclusively getting third party dog insurance is that it’s much cheaper than any other option. It’s likely that you could get an annual policy for well under $100. It’s sometimes even included as an extra with your home insurance! The other benefit comes if your dog does end up doing any damage. Depending on what the situation is, you could be liable for millions of dollars (although obviously that is a worst case scenario). Bad doggy!

What Are the Cons of Getting Third Party Only Dog Insurance?

If you’re only going to opt for third party liability insurance, you have to be aware about what it doesn’t cover. It won’t cover the costs of any kind of veterinary treatment for your dog. If he should get ill or injured, you won’t get any kind of financial help and will be left to foot the bill yourself. You should also be aware that some dogs may be excluded from some third party insurance policies. This could be because they’re considered a dangerous breed (how well-behaved your dog really is won’t be taken into consideration), such as a Cane Corso or a Pitbull. Working dogs may also be excluded. That is, dogs who actually perform a job, as opposed to dogs who belong to a working breed but who are strictly kept as pets.

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What If Your Dog Gets Sick?

For many people, getting third party insurance only is too much of a risk. If you get a more comprehensive form of dog insurance, your pooch will be covered both for third party liability and for veterinary fees. However, if you have your heart set on getting third party insurance exclusively, then you need to have a plan for paying your four-legged friend’s vet bills. If you have enough money to cover veterinary bills yourself, then great! But, not many dog owners would have enough money to pay a $10,000 vet bill if their dog had a serious accident. At the very least, you should start a doggy medical fund, which you pay into each month. That way, you’ll have some spare cash ready should disaster strike.

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