DynaDog Collar and Amazon Partner for the First Motion-Powered LED Col

New self-powered LED dog collar by DynaDog is helping dogs stay in sight and away from accidents with pet safety in mind.

Keeping our pets safe and secure while taking them out for their walk can be quite difficult at times. Larger dogs have the tendency to pull away from their owners and end up finding themselves lost and alone in the street, while their human frantically searches for their whereabouts. With DynaDog, pet safety has reached a whole new level for furry friends as small as a Pomeranian to as massive as the Neapolitan Mastiff.

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This self-powered, LED collar lights up with every movement your canine companion makes. Even more, if the dog is found by someone else on their brief journey away from home, the DynaDog collar is convenient equipped with a smart NFC ID tag with a link to the dog’s profile, so locating the dog’s human is just a click away. Simply scan the collar with a smartphone to easily connect lost pets with their beloved owners.

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DynaDog was created by with the purpose of keeping pet safety a top priority to protect them from accidents on dark nights and returned home safely is they mistakenly wander off. Using motion-powered technology, this unique dog collar flickers a visible bright light whenever the dog is in motion. In addition, the collar does not require any time of charging or replacing batteries, making the collar a pure convenience. It’s as easy as placing the collar on his neck; allowing the dog to do the work and make it shine.

The DynaDog started out as a Kickstarter, but Amazon decided to jump onboard and fund the project itself. If you’d like to be notified when the collar will be ready (and score a coupon to boot), sign up at the DynaDog website.

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