11 Celebrities Who Decided to Adopt, Not Shop

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
When it comes to setting an example, there are times when celebrities shine bright. Here are 11 Hollywood Stars who adopted dogs in need.

While we’re used to seeing celebrities decked out in their glam rags and strutting the red carpet with designer dogs in Vuitton totes, there is in fact a grittier, more altruistic side to LA-LA land that turns some stars into real life superheroes. Here are 12 than shine outside of the spotlight.

Top on any list has to be Sandra Bullock. The Oscar-winning star has adopted not only one, but three shelter dogs with seriously challenging physical ailments including a three-legged Chihuahua (Poppy), a two-legged Chihuahua (Ruby) and wee Bebe, a Chihuahua with a missing eye. Even with the obvious physical impediments I’m thinking Sandy considers herself better off with these dogs than the one she married!

Let’s move on to another celeb that got it right when she ditched the guy and kept the dog. When visiting Canada Selena Gomez famously adopted a young blue-eyed husky mix rescue named Baylor with then beau Justin Bieber. Baylor is in fact Gomez’s sixth rescue and methinks the seasoned pet parent chose wisely when picking her true soul mate (the dog!).

Okay, this one I did not see coming. Tough guy Simon Cowell absolutely melts when interacting with his two tiny Yorkie mixes Squiddly and Diddly. Adopted from a shelter back in 2013, the King of Zing acknowledges that yes they do sleep on his head at night and have changed his life.

Dream team George and Amal Clooney made news in 2014 when they added rescued Basset Hound, Millie to their family entourage. Millie joins fellow rescues Louie and spaniel Einstein who famously adopted Clooney back in 2010. Clooney told Esquire magazine at the time he adopted Einstein he was told by the shelter that they weren’t sure if the Cocker-Spaniel mix would even like Clooney, so to seal the deal he rubbed meatballs on his shoes. Needless to say, the dog stayed.

Mad for mutts Miley Cyrus has added another rescue to her family with the adoption of beagle Barbie from the Beagle Freedom Rescue. Cyrus is an avid animal rights activist and her other fur-kid rescues include Pit bulls Milky and Mary-Jane, Rottweiler and Beagle cross Happy, Sheepdog Emu, a Chihuahua cross called Bean and mongrel Penny. Rumour has it there is a pig in the mix as well!

Okay, so she’s People Magazine’s World’s Most Beautiful Woman of 2016. Wanna know what makes Jennifer Aniston so beautiful? It’s her love for rescues! Aniston rescued white German Shepherd Dolly in 2006 and more recently Pit Bull, Sophie. Clearly holding a soft spot in her heart for critters in need, the celeb says she was at the shelter crying for three hours because she found making the decision so tough. No surprise our Rachel bears the tattoo “Norman” in honor of her much loved pooch that passed in 2011 and that she’s decided to spread the love.

Former child-star and Rom-Com Queen Drew Barrymore added another pooch to her legendary household with the adoption of an eight week old rescue pup from Hollywood’s Bark n’ Bitches humane pet shop. The long-time animal rescue advocate explained her pet pooch – who has been christened Ollie – is like a “tiny little bear”, and so cute she “can’t even handle it”. Poor Ollie was dumped in a box with his brothers and sisters outside an East Valley Shelter and next thing you know he’s a topic on the Ellen show. Talk about life taking a turn!

With a nod to Harper Lee’s iconic “To Kill a Mockingbird,” Brokeback Mountain star Jake Gyllenhaal decided after filming the outdoor love story that he was ready to commit to a fur-baby. Hence his adoption of not one but two rescues named Boo Radley and Atticus. Don’t get the connection? Read the book – one is an underdog and the other a hero!

Actor Ryan Reynolds stumbled into his relationship with rescue pooch Baxter quite by accident. Out with a buddy who was looking to adopt from a rescue, Reynolds spotted a “big, dumb-looking Retriever” who made eye contact. The pooch stared; Reynolds stared back and whispered “Hey, let’s get the hell out of here.” Baxter was up for the escape and the rest is history. “He came with me, he jumped in the car, and we’ve been best buddies ever since.”

Perusing shelter sites, actor Bradley Cooper came upon a German Short-Haired Pointer on a kill-shelter site. Smitten at first site, Cooper immediately adopted Samson followed later by seven-year-old Charlotte at an adoption drive. The Sniper star considers himself to be a hybrid of both dogs. Samson is stoic and gives love cautiously while Charlotte loves him undyingly. “They’re my kids.”

Winner of the very first American Idol, singer Kelly Clarkson uses the proceeds of her fame to care for almost 30 rescue dogs (plus a menagerie of horses, pigs and other adopted animals) on her expansive ranch. Recently interviewed, the singer and mom says “It’s like a rescue ranch now. We have 30 dogs, 14 horses. We still only have three ponies and four minis, but we have goats now and two pigs we rescued called Miss Daisy and Boss Hog.”

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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