Adoptable Dog of the Week – Agent K

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This pooch is on a mission to find a furrever home- can you help him accomplish it? Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is Agent K, a five year old Pug from Miriam, Kansas. This charming little fella is neutered and up to date on his vaccines. Agent K is a friendly pooch that would fit in families of all shapes and sizes, as long as everyone’s as friendly and lovely as he is.

In case it wasn’t obvious already, Agent K was named after a character in the movie Men in Black- where a pooch of his breed made an appearance as well, hence the inspiration. This cute little pooch might not be an alien in disguise but he certainly is a dog on a mission- mission to find a best friend of his own!

Agent K is a playful, energetic doggo that would do best with a family that has an active lifestyle and wouldn’t see long walks and play sessions as a chore. He is a bouncy little pug that has the energy to spare and his owner needs to meet his activity needs. Agent K is very treat-motivated so it doesn’t surprise that he already knows the sit and come commands. With the right person by his side, there’s no saying what else he could learn- he’s eager to please and willing to “work” for yummies. However, you should be aware that Agent K is not afraid to speak his mind- he will bork when he spots another pooch or when you leave him alone to go to work. 

In case you fell in love with the doggo that holds the title of ‘best underbite’ in the shelter, contact Great Plains SPCA – Merriam Campus for more information about Agent K and the adoption process.