Adoptable Dog of the Week- Fritz

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What a dashing little furball! Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is Fritz, a 2 years old West Highland White Terrier and Poodle mix from Columbia, South Carolina. This shaggy furball is neutered, microchipped, and up to date on his vaccines. Fritz is a friendly fella that gets along great with other dogs but needs to go to an adult-only home.

If you like small dogs with a lot of spunk, you’ll LOVE Fritz! This handsome doggo has a big personality and a lot of charm packed in his tiny body. After all, it’s to expect from a Terrier mix- he could spend his days chewing on Nylabones and playing around! He loves going on walks and hanging out in the dog park. If you have a securely fenced back yard where Fritz could play and run around- all the better. Even though Fritz is energetic and active, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate some quality sofa snuggling time. He loves chilling with his person when it’s rest time. 

Currently, Fritz is in a foster home with a dog trainer- and she’s impressed with his smarts. A quick learner and quite the brainiac, Fritz loves solving puzzles- anything for treats! He adapts well to new environments, and his foster mom is there to help with the transition if needed. As for Fritz’s ideal home, this shaggy little mix would do best in an adult-only home. Kids generally don’t mix well with tiny feisty terriers, and Fritz is no exception. On the other hand, he is an exception from the unwritten rule that small dogs don’t get along with other canines. Fritz loves other dogs and tends to make quick friends with easy-going pooches like himself. 

In case Fritz has stolen your heart, contact Pawmetto Lifeline for more information on how you could adopt this little fella.