Adoptable Dog of the Week- Spirit

Even with a rough start in life, this lovely pooch still has a lot of love to give! Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is Spirit, 7 to 8 years old Siberian Husky mix from Columbia, Missouri. This beautiful boy is housetrained, up to date on his shots, and neutered. Spirit is a friendly dog that does with cats and other sociable dogs. Owing to his resource-guarding issues, though, Spirit requires an adult-only home.

Spirit was rescued from horrific living conditions when a concerned citizen alarmed the rescue to the fact that two dogs were kept chained in the backyard, without proper shelter, food, or water. Luckily, his owners agreed to surrender the dogs to the rescue, where Spirit got a second chance at his happy ending.

Even though Spirit is a sweet, friendly dog, his years of rough life did live a mark. He is still a bit anxious around new people and doesn’t find it easy to give away his trust. Spirit never knew when he was going to get food or how much he would get, so he is prone to hoarding and guarding his food. Despite this, once Spirit realizes you’re a friend, he is the sweetest fella. He is friendly, active, playful, and very affectionate when he relaxes. If you have the patience, it will pay off as Spirit will be your buddy for life! And his friendliness isn’t reserved just for those special humans. Spirit gets along with other dogs and does well with cats. However, his rescuers recommend that a child-free home for him. 

Spirit is house trained and he’s patiently waiting for that special someone that would give him the happy ending he deserves. If you think that Spirit is the right dog for you, contact Unchained Melodies Inc. for more information about this lovely pooch.