These Are The 10 Most Common Male and Female Dog Names, Survey Reveals

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic
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Naming a new puppy that’s come into the world or thinking of a name to symbolize a new beginning for a rescue dog is a precious moment – but sometimes you need a bit of inspiration to think of a fitting name for your fur baby. Some people prefer names with personal meaning or symbolism, but most just sift through name lists in hopes of finding one that fits our pooch and sounds nice. Well, this list can help you find the most popular names for dogs these days and see if any of them stick!  Sniffspot, the so-called “AirBnB of dog parks”, went through their massive database of 100,000 dog names and through hard work determined the 10 most common boy and girl dog names. The results are very interesting – take a look!

Here are the top 10 male dog names:

10. Leo:

A very unique name that’s quick on the tongue, and very fitting for large and majestic doggos. A lion always comes to mind.

9. Ollie:

Believe it or not, Ollie is a gender-neutral name, but fits perfectly with energetic and goofy male puppers.

8. Moose:

Who would think that Moose is such a common dog name? It is fun, that is for sure, and strangely fitting too.

7. Zeus:

The mighty God of thunder in Ancient Greece has come a long way over the centuries. Nowadays, his name is given to dogs!

6. Oliver:

A classic, elegant, and fun name that, although used for humans, fits doggos as well. 

5. Finn:

An old-timey name that belongs on the pages of some good youth novel, Finn is remarkably fitting for puppers.

4. Loki:

The trickster god of the Old Norse has found his way into the modern age in a rather odd way. Lately, Norse gods are a popular choice for dog names.

3. Bear:

How adorable would it be to name your tiny little pup Bear? 

2. Cooper:

A simple but very fun name that works well for male pets of all characters and sizes.

1. Milo:

A very ancient-sounding name, Milo is the number one choice of many owners. Are you surprised that this is number 1? 

Well, you saw the most common names for boy dogs, so now it’s the girls’ turn. Let’s see their list!

10. Sadie:

This adorable female dog name, it brings to mind the summer, flowers, and all things girly.

9. Nova:

In stark contrast to Sadie, Nova sounds quite futuristic, and strong, and rolls easily off the tongue. Did you know that a Nova is an astronomical term? It is the name given to bright stars that appear suddenly in the sky and release powerful energy. Wonderful symbolism.

8. Willow:

Back to vintage and cozy-sounding names with Willow, a true classic that belongs to the pages of an old children’s book.

7. Nala:

Here’s a name that is quite a surprise. It is unique, modern, and not heard that often. But, according to this survey, it belongs with other most common female dog names!

6. Stella:

A name of Latin origin, it translates to “star”. And what better name to give to your zoomy, fun, and lovely female pup?

5. Bailey:

This is another fun and homely name that is often given to pets. Any similarity with a favorite drink is pure coincidence!

4. Lucy:

If you have a kind, loveable, and gentle female doggo, then you cannot go wrong with a name such as Lucy!

3. Daisy:

This is one of the most popular names given to animals, especially cows. But surprisingly, it works well for dogs too!

2. Bella:

A classic feminine name, Bella is ideal for all female puppers, no matter their character.

1. Luna:

And the number one female dog's name is Luna, which is Latin for “Moon”. It is simple and pretty, which makes it an easy choice for many owners!

So, were you surprised by this survey? What is your favorite dog name? Let us know!

Angela Vuckovic
Angela Vuckovic

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