Adoptable Dog of the Week- Wilder

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Looking for a four-legged companion for your adventurers? Then look no more, because this pooch is the perfect partner in crime! Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is Wilder, a 5 years old Husky from Boise, Idaho. He is neutered, weighs around 50 pounds and he’s ready for a new home. Wilder does great with other dogs and loves playing with children, but smaller animals and cats are a big no-no because of his high prey drive.

This gorgeous pooch had a lot of luck to be taken in by his rescuers- he was picked up as a stray and ended up in a kill shelter that didn’t do adoptions, so it’s a wonder he got a second chance at life. Energetic, smart, and very active, Widler is your typical Husky- despite being fun-sized when compared to other members of his breed. At 50 pounds, he’s a great choice for an apartment or a house with a big yard both: as long as it’s not a farm with lots of small animals around, Wilder will do just fine. He loves going on walks and hikes and exploring nature, and he does well on a leash. Of course, if he spots a squirrel you might be in trouble because he won’t hesitate to try and dart off after it. 

Wilder is a friendly, loving pooch but he has a high prey drive so he shouldn’t be around small animals, cats, or even toy breed dogs, just to make sure. He’s fantastic with kids as he’s playful and sweet but might inadvertently knock them down during play, so it’s recommended that he goes to a household with kids over the age of 6. Ideally, his adopter would be experienced and patient and would help Wilder blossom and reach his full potential.

If Wilder sounds dreamy, contact Moonsong Malamute Rescue, Inc. for more information on how you could adopt this adorable fella.