Adoptable Dog Of The Week – Rosa

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You’ll fall in love with Rosa, our Adoptable Dog of the Week. Rosa is a blind adult Rat Terrier from Atlanta, GA. She is already spayed, housetrained, purebred, up to date with shots, and good with dogs.

Pretty Rosa has been in foster care for some time, perhaps because people aren’t aware of how well blind dogs can take care of themselves. Rosa needs a little guidance, but she’s quite independent and capable, too. Around 6 years old and about 12 lbs., she has excellent house manners.  She is house trained, crate trained, healthy, and blind in her remaining eye. This low-energy lap princess loves affection and gives lots of fuzzy kisses if you want them. She is playful and likes to explore new environments at her own pace. While shy at first, Rosa warms up to men, women, calm children, and male dogs. She tries to chase cats, probably because the bratty cat in her foster home thinks it’s hilarious fun to tease blind dogs. Rosa is okay with laid-back female dogs with soft temperaments, but she does not get along with assertive female dogs. She enjoys getting her dinner out of food puzzles and loves scent-work games. Her scenting superpower has earned her the apt nickname of “The Nose.” The Nose always knows! Rosa’s other superpower is grounding humans. Along with her tolerance for gentle hugs, she has an amazing ability to help calm distressed strangers and those with health issues. Her presence is a gift.

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