Adoptable Dog of the Week-Lio

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If you’re looking for a pawesome pooch to be the center of your universe, you’re in luck! Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is Lio, a 7-year-old Catahoula Leopard Dog mix from Columbia, South Carolina. This handsome doggo is neutered, heartworm negative, and house trained.

At 75 lbs, this is one large pooch- but with an equally big smile, heart, and personality to match it! Lio is a very smart boy who’s obedient and eager to please, especially if there are treats involved. He already knows a dozen commands, including “sit,” “shake,” “lay,” and “leave it.” And there’s no telling what new tricks he could learn with the right person and a handful of yummies!

Lio is the ideal companion dog, and he’d do best in a household with one or two adults. He needs to be the only pet (how else is he supposed to get all of your attention?), and due to his size, his new family shouldn’t have any young kids he could accidentally knock down during playtime.

The pawrent of his dreams would be an experienced dog owner who is firm, consistent and knows how to act as a pack leader. Also, it wouldn’t hurt if the said person would be generous with the treats and kisses, spend most of their free time scratching Lio’s back, taking him on long walks, and play fetch with this big boy. What? A dog can dream, right?

Lio has been looking for his soulmate for some time now. Are you the human he’s been waiting for? For more information on Lio and how to adopt him, visit Pawmetto Lifeline. You should also know that Lio is a part of a priority adoption program, which means that his fee is lowered, and he’ll get free vaccines and training for life!