Why Your Dog May Need a Muzzle

Kate Barrington
by Kate Barrington
Don’t assume the worst when you see a dog wearing a muzzle. There are plenty of reasons why one is needed, and it may have nothing to do with being vicious.

When you see a dog wearing a muzzle, what comes to mind? For many people, it is the assumption that the dog must be wearing a muzzle because it is aggressive or dangerous. While muzzles can prevent aggressive dogs from biting, that’s not all they do. Read on to learn some of the other reasons your dog might need a muzzle.

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5 Reasons Why Dogs Wear Muzzles

As a dog owner, it is your job to take care of your dog, but that is only part of the job description. You also need to be a responsible dog owner and that means knowing your dog well enough to anticipate problems and taking steps to get ahead of them. Having your dog wear a muzzle may not be your first choice, but there are cases where it is recommended.

Here are five situations in which your dog might need to wear a muzzle:

  1. During an emergency situation. An emergency situation could be anything from severe weather to an evacuation or a physical injury. If you have to move your dog or have someone else assist you who the dog isn’t familiar with, it could frighten him and wearing a muzzle is a simple precaution that will keep everyone safe.
  2. When he has a history of biting. If your dog has aggressive tendencies, wearing a muzzle may be something he does very often. Especially if your dog has a history of biting people or other dogs, you’ll want to keep him in a muzzle on walks and when going to the vet or groomer.
  3. During a stressful or scary situation. When dogs become frightened, they often do one of two things. Some dogs withdraw from the situation and try to hide while others go on the offense and become more aggressive. Wearing a muzzle makes sure your frightened dog doesn’t bite.
  4. During grooming sessions. Some dogs hate being groomed, especially when it is done by a stranger. If your dog is very nervous or frightened, it could manifest in the form of aggression. Having your dog wear a muzzle during grooming sessions is a precaution that can keep the groomer safe.
  5. When required by law. Unfortunately, some states still have breed-specific legislation that identifies certain breeds as aggressive or dangerous. These laws sometimes require those dogs to wear a muzzle when they are outside your own private property.

Wearing a muzzle is an important precaution to take in the above situations but remember that they should only be worn for short periods of time. Make sure you choose a muzzle that fits well and won’t restrict your dog’s ability to breathe normally.

Though many people consider muzzles to be cruel, the fact of the matter is that a properly fitted muzzle doesn’t hurt the dog or prevent it from breathing. It simply prevents the dog from biting and or lashing out when nervous or frightened. If you find yourself using a muzzle very frequently, you may want to ask yourself whether it is time for some behavior modification to address the underlying issue.

Kate Barrington
Kate Barrington

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